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North Queensferry Community Council

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting on Thursday 14 April 2022

Members Present:  Lin Collis (LC), Jim George (JG), David Shields (DS), Sheila Foggon (SF), Gary Bald (GB)

Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD), Cllr David Barratt (DB), Cllr Dave Coleman (DC),

Guest:  Karen Stewart (KS), Nigel Carter (NC)

Members of the Public:  - David Neill (DN), Barbara McKechnie (BM), Barrie(?)

Agenda Reference



1.Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Zoom issues at start of meeting were resolved by DB resetting new meeting ID. BM joined meeting at #5 below.


2. Apologies

Iain G Mitchell (IGM), Jacqui Low (JL),


3. Minutes of Previous Meeting

As the February meeting was not quorate, Minutes for February and March 2022 were approved.


4. Matters Arising



5. NQ Local Plan – progress report

NC advised the NQ Local Plan had been presented to the South and West Fife Area Committee and the first Community Forum will be held on 21 April, 11.30 to 1.30 in the Small Hall in the Community Complex. The document is too large for notice boards, but flyers are being prepared for distribution and availability in the village, eg Rankins, Wrights, Community Centre.  The Plan will in the future be available as a page on Fife Council web site.


6. Report on Meeting with SQCC

Approximately 90 minute meeting between NQ and South Queensferry (SQ) Community Councils to share mutual common issues eg youth vandalism, racing drivers.  SQ have seen return of the driver issue using the Forth Road Bridge as connecting route late evenings.  Both NQ and SQ would like greater involvement in the Forth Bridges Forum. Next meeting will be later in 2022. During further discussion on Forth Bridge, KS confirmed plans for the SQ Visitor Centre are back at Planning. Delays expected to 2024.  Conversation followed discussion of article in New Civil Engineer, 24 March 2022 by Rob Hakimian:  “no relevant bids being accepted….no bids within the £35M funding envelope...…..In the interim, Balfour Beatty has been brought in to assist with the planning and design of the walkway”.  GB queried if blasting still to occur on south side of Bridge before the Visitor Centre completed. LC advised location of delayed Visitor Centre would not be adversely affected by the smaller areas of blasting involved.



7. Albert Hotel

No further update at present.


8. Other Planning Applications

JG had circulated details of one application at Battery House, East Bay and of one published neighbour comment on the application.


9. Pierhead

The Police Report (#11) mentioned charge relating to Pierhead but no further information reported.


10. Travellers

Travellers are currently parked in the overflow car park near the Waste Water Treatment Works off the B981.  Both Police and Fife Council are aware.  DN and GB raised health and safety concerns.  JG asked for confirmation of Fife Council approved sites for Travellers.  DB advised that not all Travellers wish to use these sites.  DD advised that any change to local council treatment of Travellers would require Parliamentary changes.  DB has requested update on the current situation from Fife Council and will advise NQCC as soon as that is received.







11. Police Report

From circulated March 2022 report:

During March 2022, a total of 16 calls were recorded for the North Queensferry area (compared to 11 calls in February). Out of these calls, 3 required an immediate response. During the same period, 3 Crime Files were recorded for the area, which contained a total of 3 charges (compared to 4 Crime Files containing 5 charges in February). Crimes and offences recorded relate to theft, failing to stop after a road traffic collision and failing to report a road traffic collision.


12. Dunfermline Irish Eviction – plaque proposal

A private website has contacted NQCC raising a request for a plaque to mark a mob forcing Irish evictions from Dunfermline in 1850.  Those being evicted were ‘force’ marched to North Queensferry (the nearest exit from Fife). Local government officers of the period did disperse the mob. NQCC will await comment from NQ Heritage Trust but did vote 3 to 2 that a plaque may be erected dependent on size and wording.


13. Forth Bridge Repairs

LC advised that planned blasting has stopped but as painting progresses, smaller individual areas may be identified requiring treatment before painting. The drop in centre has closed and next week, painting of seating and notice boards around the village will commence.  JG requested more information on areas requiring further blasting. GB requested further information on completion dates.  LC stated projected completion of late May, beginning of June but this is totally weather dependent.  GB and JG expressed concerns relating to narrowing window for residents to present issues relating to damaging effects of the repairs.  LC confirmed JL has prepared summary which will be delivered by Peter Selbie to all letterboxes in the area not just those owners who have complained.  JG expressed scepticism re Network Rail timely resolution of the issues raised. LC advised this was opportunity for all householders to supply full information. NC was assured that the Network Rail benefits to the village are being enacted eg Defibrillator at the Community Complex.  NC also confirmed plans for educational equipment to facilitate the provision of courses/classes at the Complex.  Fife Council will be sending out questionnaire to determine course preferences. LC asked GB to list all types of repair work envisaged and all should be encouraged to fill in the circulated forms.  DS stressed the constant noise and environmental effect and stress of the ongoing works on the residents of The Brae and the lower village and asked that Network Rail give this aspect more recognition.






















14. Edinburgh Airport

No update


15. Floral Enhancement

LC confirmed to DN that Network Rail benefit provision of 2 large planters and tidying up of picnic area are in progress.  Locations are to be prepared for the large planters on Ferryhills Road and the triangle on Main Road/Ferry Road.  DN advised of work on Ferryhills and West Sands.


16. Fife Councillors’ Reports

DD confirmed repair works on the Pierhead Playpark are to start in ¾ wks.  DD advised of visitor to Pierhead tripping on the small bollards and reported to Fife Council (FC).  FC have recorded this as an accident. DD is asking for any further information on similar incidents.  BM will enquire from NQHT.

DC advised the Pierhead Report is unavoidably delayed but will be shared.  SF urged update.  DC advised possibly 2 more weeks.  DC has met with representative from Fife Parks and Recreation re treatment of ivy on the walls of St James Cemetery.  DB has also investigated this in the past.  DC will advise on outcome of visit asap. 

DB advised that Toilets should be installed for ‘tourist season’.  DB confirmed to JG that planning approval was on 7/12/21.











17. Treasurer’s Report

Circulated to Members. All bills are currently paid with balance of £4800.  An additional allocated £2k may be added as Network Rail will contribute that amount to provision of audio/video equipment at the Community Complex.  NC confirmed that internet costs are already covered and will not be additional charge to NQCC.  DS advised of funding request from NQ Primary School for contribution toward P6 trip to climb a Munro.


18. Remembrance Day

LC advised of Dave Bonas retiring from the administration of the Remembrance Day commemoration at the War Memorial.  All are asked to suggest replacement.


19. Correspondence

DS advised to communication with BEAR Scotland in relation to the renovation and access around Admiral House.  With regard to access to the area, DS will forward the Local Action Plan to BEAR for continuing dialogue re options.


20. Date for Special Meeting

LC will circulate report again for comment prior to meeting to be attached at end of shortened NQCC monthly meeting.


21. Any Other Competent Business

Cllr Alice McGarry to be thanked and given flowers for her contribution to NQCC.  David Bonas to be thanked by JG for his work on Remembrance Day commemorations.  LC confirmed Network Rail village benefit of 2 benches to be installed at east and west ends of Port Laing beach.  Scottish Wildlife own one location – other to be determined.  BM commented that NQ Primary School do use Port Laing Beach on regular basis.   It was noted that Scottish Wildlife would have to approve any quarry location of the plaque in #12 above.  KS confirmed talks with signage contractor. (KS had no knowledge of #12).  KS will attend the Community Forum on 21/04/22 referred to in #5.

GB raised issue of speeding vehicles on Main Road, especially of concern when work vans are parked near blind corner.  LC will ask if work vehicles concerned could site ‘narrow road’ warning signs.

Next meeting: unanimous vote by Members to continue with Zoom meetings.















Next Monthly Meeting12 May 2022

Residents of North Queensferry are welcome to attend all Monthly Meetings

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