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North Queensferry Community Council

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting on Thursday 9 June 2022

Members Present:, Lin Collis (LC), Jim George (JG), David Shields (DS), Mary Finlayson (MF), Bruce Finlayson (BF), Gary Bald (GB),

Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD), Cllr David Barratt (DB), Cllr Patrick Browne (PB), Cllr Sarah Neal (SN)

Members of the Public:  - David Neill (DN), John Leitch (JL), Nigel Carter (NC)

Minutes: Barbara McKechnie (BM)

Agenda Reference



1.Chairman’s Opening Remarks

LC welcomed everyone and, as this was first face to face meeting for over 2 years, asked all to introduce themselves. Going forward, BM will provide agenda for members of the public attending


2. Apologies

Iain G Mitchell (IGM), Jacqui Lowe (JL), Sheila Foggon (SF)


3. Minutes of Previous Meeting

BF asked that May Minutes be amended to delete his and MF names from Members Present.


4. Matters Arising

No update from IGM on organiser for Remembrance Sunday- JG will ask Dave Bonas for suggestions.  DS will order wreath


5. Edinburgh Airport

BF and MF provided Edinburgh Airport Noise Advisory Board (EANAB) update document to all Members. EANAB meetings have continued over the last two years and with increased airport capacity projected over next ten years, new routes and turning circles under consideration may affect NQ.  BF and MF will continue to monitor and contribute to the EANAB stakeholder role.  MF advised that although emissions are an increasing area of UK government monitoring and investigation, they are not part of the EANAB sphere of interest. BF and MF highlighted the studies, Heathrow and worldwide, on the detrimental health effects of airport noise and potential savings in treatment costs.


6. Albert Hotel

No update to the still delayed planning application decision.  DB will follow up on determining reasons for delay.  May be update from Planning meeting at end of June.  LC confirmed the Community Trust awaiting planning decision before further actions.



7. Other Planning Applications

JG circulated application for 2 storey garage extension in Ferryhills Road.  No comment received.  Concerns raised on potential for increased traffic.  DB confirmed that without raising an objection, comment can still be made on ‘intensification of a junction’.


8. Police Report

No update.  DS will request


9. Forth Bridge Repairs

LC update from fortnightly meetings:  scaffolding being removed but delays due to windy weather are affecting completion dates (now mid to end July).  DN advised that for scaffolding removal, a large articulated lorry is being used contrary to planned use of flatbed lorry (allows heavier load but increases potential pavement damage).  Residents close to site, GB and JG, advised doubt on ongoing work during weather enabled opportunities and accuracy of projected completion dates.  BM suggested GB and JG update LC on works issues prior to the next planned meeting.  DN advised no revisionary angle grinding should be taking place if area no longer encapsulated.  Resolution of claims was believed to be taking too long and other options were considered including use of Small Claims Court or Mediation Service – latter has to find an independent mediator so costs could not be met by Network Rail (NR) or Balfour Beatty(BB).  LC was asked to bring the NQCC consideration of these options to the attention of NR and BB. DN noted that earlier good communication with affected residents has not continued.












10. Floral Enhancement

DN updated the meeting on the ongoing planting and thanked residents who had contributed plants and the work of the volunteers.  DN highlighted the good work of the Community Payback teams in painting throughout the village including railings and bollards.  Lc advised Network Rail/Balfour Beatty will paint/repair the benches and additional planters and tubs will be available at end of June/beginning of July.  DN confirmed all expenses have been sorted out with the Treasurer and requested information on remaining allowance available to Floral Enhancement.









11. Fife Councillors’ Reports

DB confirmed that he was awaiting a mobile number to complete the Councillor information for the notice boards.  DB had received the Pierhead Report and circulated to Members during the meeting.  The Report did not involve the Transport Dept so does not offer resolution to the issues raised by the Pierhead residents.  NC advised the Transport Officer could be further involved through Local Action Plan where appropriate traffic restrictions where necessary have already been approved.   Re Scotrail new timetable (not temporary timetable) DB advised of Annabelle Ewing’s letter to the Transport Secretary.  SN confirmed that once the trade union dispute settled, discussions will resume on the revised timetable.   DD advised of introduction of Local Place Plans (LPPs) in the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 – “community-led plans setting out proposals for the development and use of land”.  Fife Council are currently inviting communities to create an LPP (see Fife Council/Home/Services/Get involved/ Community Planning). JG will pass some previous prepared plans to NC for inclusion and discussion with the Local Action Plan group on their work to uncover paths around NQ.  DD advised of Ferryhills Road closure overnight 13/14 June for station bridge inspection.  DD has been appointed to the Edinburgh Airport Consultative Committee which advises the Airport Chief Executive on issues arising at the Airport and the surrounding area.  Next meeting is in August.  BF and MF will forward information to DD relating to the noise issues.  DD latest update on Toilet at Battery Road Carpark:  enabling works are complete and unit is built; once consulting engineer report received, the unit will be installed.  PB, attending NQCC meeting for first time, thanked all for update on current issues.  PB advised that he will be involved with the Licensing Committee. 























12. Treasurer’s Report

No update.  Re the school donation – BM advised the Munro outing had taken place.  DS confirmed all funding must be clear and transparent.  Funding sources from Parent Council may be suffering due to covid restrictions.


13. Correspondence

DS confirmed Insurance document had been circulated and that Grant Application had been forwarded to JL.  DS advised of Stagecoach Bus Survey and residents should be encouraged to complete the survey. 


14. Any Other Competent Business

JG advised of new ‘Molly and Mack’, TV series being filmed. JG requested that any generators used would be located away from housing.

DS and Karen Stewart have met with representatives from BEAR regarding Coastal Path route around Admiral’s House.  Transport Scotland are now retaining the property, but meeting was positive.  It was noted that other property owners in the area should be consulted on any planned increase in the path usage.  NC confirmed that the Local Action Plan team are researching property ownership in Ferryhills area to facilitate possible plaque to Battle of Inverkeithing.

MF queried the current email exchanges between Members relating to enabling hybrid meetings of Zoom and face to face.  GB and NC believe equipment set up could be much less that the previously discussed £5000.  DB supported this.  NC offered to set up and test. GB will liaise with IM and will send out contact details in next two weeks to facilitate test meeting with face to face and Zoom participants.















Next monthly meeting:  Thursday 14 July 2022 at North Queensferry Community Complex

Residents of North Queensferry are welcome to attend all monthly meetings

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