North Queensferry Community Council (NQCC)

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting: Thursday 8 February 2018


NQCC: Lin Collis - Chair (LC), Christina McKenzie (CM), Jim George (JG), David Shields (DS), Donna Beveridge (DCB), Peter Selbie (PS), Sheila Foggon (SF),

Fife Council (FC) Councillors: Cllr David Barratt (DB), Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD); Cllr Alice McGarry (AM)

Two members of the public.  

   Agenda Reference



1. Apologies

Cllr. Lesley Laird (MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath)

Iain G Mitchell (IGM), Bruce Finlayson (BF), Mary Finlayson (MF)

The Police.


2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Previous minutes, 9.1: ‘toilet at Battery Road may be replaced’. Minutes approved: proposed PS; seconded DS



3. Matters Arising

1. Defibrillator (10.1): Meeting 6 February held with representatives from North Queensferry Heritage Trust (NQHT) and North Queensferry Community Trust (NQCT).  Next meeting will be March (inviting representation from the Community Centre). Four locations for defibrillators are being considered:  One at the station (NQHT) and the marina (NQCT) but funds still required for defibrillators either at the telephone box on Main Road or the bus stop on Battery Road and at the Community Centre. 

Cost of a defibrillator: £1450. It is intended to use one type throughout the village.  Training will be offered, although the machines have good instructions.

2. Muga (10.2) The £500 outstanding for MUGA needs to be paid.

3. Christmas Tree (14) The shop has agreed to supply power for lighting trees at the Brock Street station exit at Christmas.

4. Bridge graffiti (16.5) Network Rail still being chased to remove.

5. The Albert Hotel (16.9). The owner and lease holder of the Albert have been identified. The owner confirmed that the Albert will reopen in the next few weeks and would appreciate support from the village community.






4. Police Report

The written report noted 11 calls

2 crime calls: a collision in Battery Road, the driver didn’t stop; presentation of a counterfeit note at the Queensferry Hotel.


5. Local Community Officer

Susan Dryburgh, the Local Community Officer for this area, gave an overview of the War Memorials project (supported by the War Memorial Trust) which she is working on. The aim is to clean the brass and repoint the stone of War Memorials.  Susan is looking into refreshing the tourist interpretation board adjacent to the War Memorial.


6. Traffic issues

1. Traffic Management Plan: It was suggested that the increased tourism profile of North Queensferry merits a Traffic Impact Assessment, however Fife Council Traffic Management team advise that this would cost £15,000.

Deep Sea World needs a traffic management plan for its expected planning application however NQCC are looking for a plan to cover the whole village and to be available to developers considering village projects.

Parking attendants are now active in the village: two penalty charges have been issued (a car parked on a double lines and one parked on a bus stop).



7. Forth Replacement Crossing Community Forum

1. No Forum meeting since November 2017. Audit Scotland interviewed LC about the new bridge and community opinion.

2. Ferrytoll Park and Ride: discussion noted improvements to the traffic light sequencing and traffic movement.


8. Children’s play park

FC has been asked to consider re-using equipment from Pittencrieff Park. FC councillors suggest Pierhead could be a community funded play park like the successful one in Aberdour.  FC would be the contractor and responsible for maintenance.


9.  Public Toilets

FC waiting for advice on funding.  The time for removing this toilet cannot be extended. These public toilets had low usage in 2017.


10. Trees at Northcliffe

The Tree Management plan was discussed with local residents.

NQCC has been assured that the tree felling was carried out in accordance with the Tree Management Plan and also that the trees along the roadside have been assessed and deemed to be safe.

For subsequent work, the contractor requires access from the community centre field and is concerned about the proximity of the MUGA. DS and JG visiting Northcliffe in due course.








11. Edinburgh Flight Path

No progress/change to date.

DS attended Edinburgh Noise Advisory Board meeting which proposed a small working group to work on technical issues. BF will represent NQCC with back up from DS as necessary. There are 200 Community Councils in the affected area.  The Board is funded by Edinburgh Airport however measures were discussed to ensure independence from the airport. 



12. Fife Councillor’s Report

1. Park hit squad – project suggestions needed. To date:

  • Tidy the rose beds beside the Brock Street station entrance.
  • Repair damaged benches at the railway pier beach. DS checking ownership.

LC emailing councillors with project suggestions.

2 Parking concerns at Carlingnose Point from cars unable to park at the station. No action.





13. Community Group Updates


1. NQHT’s next speaker is former NQCC Secretary Barbara McKechnie 27 February

2. NQCT Railway Pier repairs requires use of Fastcrete.  Environmental compliance requirements are being checked and NQCT still waiting for advice from Historic Scotland.




14.  Planning Applications

One new application: a raised Sedum roof at Shoreland, Main Road.  


15. Treasurer’s report

NQCC agreed to contribute:

  • £200 towards the Ferry News
  • £50 to the Salvation Army for Remembrance Sunday.



16. Floral Enhancement

No plant activity this month.

Floral enhancement grant requires: copies of the accounts to March 2017 and NQCC’s constitution.

FC introducing new application forms. LC investigating.





17. Correspondence



18. Any other competent business

1. Forth Bridges Forum Tourism Group meeting 2 February

  • Tourism Strategy summary near completion to be circulated for comment soon.
  • FC interested in including publicity for a Bridges Circular Walk on the Fife Tourism Website - meeting with FC to take forward.
  • Opening the Queensferry Crossing has resulted in a 40% decrease in trade in South Queensferry, particularly McDonald’s and Tesco Fuel (no longer open over night).
  • South Queensferry’s UNESCO plaque unveiled on 4 March. North Queensferry’s on 18 April (World Heritage Day).

2. West Sands’ street Lights – 3 or 4 not working.  To report such issues use FC website: www.fifedirect.org.uk/streetlighting

3. West Sands, two issues:  parking of unsightly old vehicle; installation of CCTV without neighbourhood consultation or signage. DD investigating both concerns.

4. Rerouting the Coastal Path. Meeting arranged for 13 February with Transport Scotland to look at options/feasibility.

5.  Insurance Renewal: FC will advise NQCC when insurance is due. 

6. Diversion of email correspondence while secretary is away.

7. Beach Clean: Marine Conservation Society currently monitoring Ferrycraigs Beach. ITV filmed a recent beach clean there and this will broadcast at 1930 on 15 February (ITV Tonight).  Beach Cleans are being planned for 27 / 28 April

8. Barnardo’s second fundraiser. Network Rail have announced of another Barnardo’s (up to top of Rail Bridge) fundraiser, possibly 8/9 or 22/23 September.  Barnardo’s suggesting that a portion of the funds could be set aside for a community event.   Action – check date for possible clash with following event.  CM responding to Craig Bowman’s email and confirming that someone from NQCC will attend.

9. The annual South Queensferry to North Queensferry swim takes place on 22 September. NQCC to contact Vigour Events re management of traffic, especially coaches.



































Next NQCC meeting:  7.30pm, Thursday 8 March 2018, North Queensferry Community Centre.  Members of the public are very welcome to attend.





21 September 2018Current Draft Minutes

North Queensferry Community Council (NQCC)

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting: Thursday 13 September 2018


NQCC: Lin Collis (LC), Christina McKenzie (CM), Donna Beveridge (DCB), Bruce Finlayson (BF), Mary Finlayson (MF), Peter Selbie (PS), David Shields (DS),

Fife Council (FC) Councillors: Cllr David Barratt (DB), Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD)

Police:  Richard Duncan (RD). 

Public: Mari Cruz Garcia (MCG) Alastair Ritchie (AR), Barbara Ritchie (BR)

   Agenda Reference



1. Apologies

Sheila Foggon (SF),   Jim George (JG), Iain Mitchell (IM), Jim Bell (JB), Cllr Alice McGarry, Cllr Dave Coleman, Kevin Hughes, (Virgin Broadband).


2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Unanimously agreed


3. Matters Arising

(Previous meeting)

3:  FC may be able to fund new Battery Road toilet.

9:  Public funds can only be used for the Pierhead playpark.  Any surplus funds raised by the community for this project can be used to improve Community Centre playpark.



4. Police Report

24 calls since 08.08.18.

Two crimes recorded: an assault in Doubletree Hilton and Wright’s shop was broken into.

Community Speed Watch volunteers still being sought. Speeding on Battery Road as well as Main Road continues to be a problem.

Monthly community pop-in at Dobbies (Dalgety Bay) on 21.09.18 11am – 1pm. The police are looking to arrange a similar consultation in North Queensferry in the near future.

Trauma Teddies can be dropped off at Dalgety Bay or Dunfermline Police Station https://www.children1st.org.uk/what-we-do/news/bear-withthe-trauma-teddy-knitting-pattern-is-here/.

Links to public consultations available on website http://www.nqcc.co.uk



5. Traffic Issues

1 Vehicle speeding on Ferryhills Road. Residents consider that this getting worse and have volunteered to assist with community speed watch. Suggestion: change the 60mph speed limit on Ferryhills Road outside the village boundary so that it will be easier to reduce speed to 20 mph.

2. Need to improve Sat. Nav. information to show road height and width restrictions in and around the village.  Action: Cllr. Dempsey finding out the process followed for a similar issue in Dalgety Bay.

3. Dipping cobbles in Main Road. FC still considering repairs.  Cllr. Dempsey chasing up.

4. NQCC to consider holding a public meeting with representatives from FC to look at all the village traffic issues.
















6. Edinburgh Airport Flightpath Consultation / Edinburgh Noise Advisory Board (EDNAB)

NQCC call in to Secretary of State for Transport, legal procedure.

This has been submitted and acknowledged. Seven neighbouring Community Councils have given their support to this call.

Next step – write to Roseanne Cunningham, Scottish Government Secretary for the Environment.

Edinburgh Airport and the Civil Aviation Authority were offered the opportunity to review the technical information, but refused. The basic problem is that studies for Edinburgh have been based on data used for Gatwick despite Edinburgh’s local requirements being very different.  In addition incorrect data has been used.

Village residents can help by

For more information please go to:

  • Edinburgh Noise Advisory Board website http://www.eanab.org.uk/
  • NQCC website where there will be a summary of the airport situation.

























7. Transport Scotland Proposals for Forth Bridges Community Representatives Group

At the Forth Bridges Forum meeting (28.08.18) members failed to reach an agreement about community council representation on the Forum: so the matter of community council representation still remains under consideration.


8.  Fife Councillor’s Reports


1. Mount Hooly Terrace: meeting went ahead, risk assessment carried out and FC agree to clear the area when conditions permit.

2. Grit bins: requests to retain two grit bins on B981 have been declined.  FC will replace broken bins and fill any empty bins.  The public can report any bin issues at https://www.fifedirect.org.uk/lagan/roadfault/

3. River taxi service: tender is complete, selection underway and meeting to be scheduled.  Hopefully this service will build a case for Town Pier repairs. 

4. Replacement Battery Road toilet: exploring new sources of funding.

5. Participatory budgeting: £500 will be given to NQCC to distribute to causes in the village.


6. The new Ward Councillor is Dave Coleman.  

7. Abandoned car – revisited.  DD chasing up DVLA. Suggestion made that the car has been removed.

8. Village Christmas Tree: funding application needed.


NQCC requests to councillors

9. Area around St James Chapel: request for FC to tidy up.  DB speaking to FC.

10. Bins at Battery Road require replacing with ones which are seagull proof. DD investigating

























9. St Margaret’s Marsh

NQCC contacted Fife Access Officer about a member of the public being stopped from walking at the Marsh. Established that the Marsh is technically still a building site: the ongoing work insurance for the area does not cover the public.  An access path will open soon.

The proposal to divert the Coastal Path round the headland is still under consideration by Fife Coast and Countryside Trust and NQCC.
Proposal package required for all parties concerned including Transport Scotland and SUSTRANS.









10. Community Group Updates

1. MUGA and Village Show: very successful opening of the MUGA combined with the Village Show.

2. North Queensferry Heritage Trust: preparing for a World War One exhibition. Key date is 21.11.18 when an event at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre will be linked by radio to the Light Tower at the Town Pier to commemorate the surrender of German fleet exactly one hundred years ago when more than 200 ships were in the Forth.

3. Doors Open Day: Sunday 16 September – St James Chapel will be open.

4. Station toilet: Thanks to NQHT members in particular Alex Wright and Keith Belford for support in opening, closing and maintaining the toilet.



11.  Treasurer’s Report

At the end of the financial year (31 March) NQCC held £697.98 of which £585.18 are set aside for specific projects.  Funds held to date are £597.24 with £464.71 are set aside for specific projects.


12.  Community Council Facebook Page

DB being asked to review.



13.  Floral Enhancement

DS submitting funding application.

Arrange working party on the Brae.



14.  Village Defibrillators, update

1. Community Trust has applied for Planning Permission for a defibrilator at the marina.

2. NQCC has applied for Planning Permission for a defibrillator at Battery Road bus stop which Deep Sea World is funding.

3. The Station defibrillator is now in place, full instructions are on the case. 

4. Training courses for up to 25 people are being arranged - date to be confirmed.






15.  Correspondence

One item re access to St Margaret’s Marsh (see 9).


16:  Community Council Elections / AGM

Members now nominated.  This September meeting is the last of the present NQCC. The new council will be formed at the AGM prior to NQCC October meeting. Public notices to be put in place. PS has resigned from NQCC. He was thanked for his useful contributions to the work of the Council.





17:  Any other competent business

1. Vigour Swim Event, 22 September at 2pm:  Concerns over traffic management and organisation. NQCC letter to Vigour waiting for response.  Action – FC determining that the appropriate application was submitted, the appropriate Health and Safety considerations are in place and whether a traffic officer can attend.

2. FC Local Community Plan is in place.

3. Need for a bus service to Rosyth: a member of the public raised this issue. DB investigating.

4. Littering on Ferryhills Road: continuing concerns expressed.

5. Forth Bridges Tourism strategy: this has been sent to NQCC for information. Still in draft – waiting for Forth Bridges Forum approval. Minutes of meeting on 23.08.18 to be circulated.

6. World Heritage Management Committee: last meeting held on 14.08.18. Minutes to be circulated.
















Next NQCC meeting:  7.30pm, Thursday 11 October 2018, North Queensferry Community Centre. 

Members of the public are very welcome to attend.

The Annual General Meeting of NQCC will be held at the beginning of this meeting.



18 September 2018Current Police Report


North Queensferry Community Council Meeting

 Thursday 13th September 2018





The plan outlines our Policing Priorities over the next three years and details how we will deliver them with a view to “Keeping the Kingdom Safe”. The plan looks to deliver on what you, the people of Fife, have told us you want us to focus on. On this basis, we have developed five Local Policing Priorities, which are:


  • OPERATION PREVAIL: Anti-Social Behaviour
  • OPERATION PROSPECT: Substance Misuse
  • OPERATION PRINCIPLE: Acquisitive Crime
  • OPERATION PATH: Violent Crime


In addition to these priorities and operations, we cannot lose sight of other national issues and priorities. These include a focus on Serious and Organised Crime, our on-going response to the threat from Terrorism in Scotland and protecting those in our community who are at risk of harm particularly as they travel from place to place and/or attend events. To this end, our Fife Operations Planning Team work closely with Fife Council, event organisers and other emergency services to ensure events in Fife are safe and enjoyable.


The full Policing Plan can be found at







Between the 9th of August and the 13th of September 2018, a total of 24 calls were recorded by Police Scotland in relation to the North Queensferry area (10 in last period). Calls to the Forth Bridges have been excluded as requested.


During the same period, 2 crimes were recorded for the area (1 in last period). One person has been charged for an assault to injury and another has been charged for a theft by housebreaking.





About 1.10am on the 23rd of August 2018, a male forced entry to Wright’s Licensed Grocers on Brock Street by smashing one of the shop windows. He has then proceeded to steal a sum of money and cigarettes from within.


The male was later identified from CCTV footage, arrested and charged accordingly.





We have been asked to promote the “Your View Counts” survey as much as possible over the next few weeks. The survey helps us to identify local Policing priorities and should only take a few minutes to complete. The survey can be found at:






We are still looking for volunteers to assist with the Community Speedwatch initiative, where residents can help to reduce speed in their local area.

If anyone would like to take part in the initiative then please pass your contact details on to the Community Council, who can then pass them on to Community Officers.





Community Officers and Crime Prevention Officers will be at Dobbies in Dalgety Bay between 11am and 1pm on Friday the 21st of September.  This is an informal drop-in where members of the community can come along and speak to Police about any local concerns or issues.


Crimes/incidents should continue to be reported as soon as possible on 101 (or 999 in an emergency).

Advice on ATM safety will also be provided with the use of a dummy cash machine. This helps to identify potential card skimming devices and cameras on ATMs.







Police in Fife are asking local communities to donate hand-made Trauma Teddies.


This appeal is a partnership project between Police Scotland and Scotland’s national children’s charity, “Children 1st”. Officers will be able to provide knitted teddies at incidents involving young victims or witnesses.


Trauma Teddies will be given to young people as a simple distraction to help take their focus away from potentially upsetting circumstances. This should help Police Officers to build a relationship and ultimately turn the experience from something negative into something positive.


Trauma Teddies may be provided for comfort when a young person has witnessed a road traffic accident, witnessed a criminal offence, become lost or any other incident deemed appropriate.


Details can be found at https://www.children1st.org.uk/what-we-do/news/bear-withthe-trauma-teddy-knitting-pattern-is-here/.





Inspector Stephen Kay


01383 318911*

Sergeant Kenny Bow


01383 318920*

PC Richard Duncan



PC James Bell




*(not staffed 24/7 and not for reporting crime)





Crimes/incidents should be reported by telephone, as soon as possible, on the following numbers:


Emergencies: 999

Non-emergencies: 101



PC Richard Duncan and PC Jim Bell are the Community Officers for Dalgety Bay, Hillend, Aberdour, Inverkeithing and North Queensferry.


The public counter at Dalgety Bay Police Station is usually open Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm (closed between 12.30pm and 1.30pm). Unfortunately, this can sometimes change at short notice. 


Incidents can be reported anonymously to the charity “Crime Stoppers” by dialling 0800 555 111.


All notable crimes/incidents are publicised via Twitter, Facebook and the Police Scotland website.



Website: www.scotland.police.uk *
Twitter: @policescotland *

Local Twitter: @SWFifePolice *
Facebook: www.facebook.com/policescotland *

*(not monitored 24/7 and not for reporting crime)

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