North Queensferry Community Council (NQCC)
Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting: Thursday 8 November 2018
Present: Lin Collis (LC), Jim George (JG), David Shields (DS), Donna Beveridge (DCB), Bruce Finlayson
(BF), Mary Finlayson, Sheila Foggon (SF)
Fife Council (FC) Councillors: Cllr David Barratt (DB), Cllr Dave Coleman (DC), Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD)
Police: PC Jim Bell, PC Richard Duncan Members of Public: Jim West
Description Action
1. Apologies Iain Mitchell (IM), Christina McKenzie (CM), Cllr Alice McGarry (AM)
2. Minutes of
Previous Meeting
Approved with the following adjustments:
5:1 Dome Hawk to be installed at Battery Road Car Park on trial basis,
then moved to Pier Head
6:4 JG to work up a parking layout for large open space area from an
OS plan which Councillor Coleman volunteered to provide.
18 Hound point Terminal – SF will contact Dalgety Bay Council for joint
3. Matters Arising 18: Fife Pilgrim Way - no response from Miranda regarding next
meeting with local representatives – noted talk on 17th November
18: Virgin Broadband – no progress chase Kevin Hughes
4. Police Report 4 calls since last meeting, no crimes reported.
For a trial period, the barrier at Battery Road will be opened and the
car park closure sign will be covered. Fife Council will co-ordinate gate
opening and liaise with resident key holder.
After discussion it was agreed to deploy the Dome Hawk camera at
Pier Head, as this is the priority. This will then move to Battery Road
Car Park.
Jim George will arrange for laminated CCTV sign to be made and put in
place at Battery Road Car Park.
Next Community Drop in at Dobbies on Thursday. Ask Community
Centre to contact PC Richard Duncan re event in NQ
5. Traffic issues Brock Street Parking issues – Fife Council to engage in public
David Shields to send Dave Barratt digital copy of proposed
Community Centre Car Park plan with a view to seeking permission to
paint white lines to improve parking discipline.
6. Vigour Swim
Events licensing update forwarded by Fife Cllr Dave Barrett.
Community Council will review and suggest additional license
IM and DS to raise issues with Vigour Events
7. Edinburgh
Airport Flightpath
Rejected by CAA and Edinburgh Airport will submit new application
within existing airspace.
No response to the Call in Request has been received from the
Secretary of State.
Remaining action is to advise the supporting Community Councils.
8. Albert Hotel No significant update, noted that a premises license has been granted
9. Remembrance
Iain Mitchell will lay the wreath which is with David Shields.
Dave Bonas is organising the Remembrance Service. A second wreath
arrives Friday, to be laid by Royal Marine Reserve Recruit Ben Spong.
10. Fife
Councillors’ Report
DD: Sat Nav – HGV specific Sat Navs should contain information on any
height, weight and length restrictions. Encourage people to contact
vehicle operator if something is out of place. Pavement at Wright’s
now repaired.
DB: The number of recycling points will be formally consulted and
reconfigured by Fife Council. DB will stress NQ needs to retain the
present two locations.
Public toilet – Fife Council continues to seek funding. LC to write to
the press. Draw attention to possibility of restoring public toilets at
Battery Road Bus Stop
No progress on seagull proof bins.
Grit bins – Community Council requested the grit bin on the Brae is
moved from the middle to the bottom of the Brae. Fife Council to
Snagging List (including setts at War Memorial) – suggestion to ask Ian
Balfour to visit the village and review the snagging list. Request with
Cllr Dave Dempsey to progress.
DC spoke about anti-social behaviour, cars and safer communities. He
suggested we try to do something proactive.
11. Community
Group Updates
Pierhead Park playpark project planning application submitted
Website address to be added to minutes – DS contacting David Neill.
Community Centre / MUGA – performing well. Timer being added to
the lights.
North Queensferry Heritage trust – exhibition is open at the Train
Station daily from 10:00 to 4:00pm subject to volunteers, with guided
walks from the station on Sunday’s in November at 10:00am and
2:00pm. Suggestion this could be advertised in the Dunfermline Press.
Community Centre – Suggestion to seek financial contribution to the
proposed white line parking space painting from the Community.
North Queensferry Community Trust – pier repairs now underway.
12. Treasures
report – procedure
Best wishes to Christina who is unwell & in hospital.
to disbursement of
£500 grant
Suggestion to use the Accountant in Dunfermline being used by other
groups in the village. Action – discuss with Iain Mitchell.
£500 disbursement from Fife Council – discussion on how to use the
13. Floral
Floral enhancement grant application has been submitted.
Funding request for the village Christmas tree has been submitted. The
Christmas Tree is ordered and due for delivery & installation at the end
November. The lights will be added first weekend in December.
Suggestion to raise a project to obtain lights for the top of the village,
Wrights has agreed for use of power. MF / DCB to investigate. Formal
request raised for allocation of a portion of the £500 disbursement to
be considered.
Jim West offered 2 set of rope lights available for use, suggestion for
these to go up at the station.
14. Village
Battery Road – Deep Sea World is purchasing directly. The Committee
agreed for SF to purchase the cabinet and invoice Deep Sea World.
An electrician is required to sign off installation of the defibrillator
installation at the bus stop.
An article will be written for the next Ferry News, closing date is Friday
11th January.
15. Planning
None this month
SF has written to Alex Hynes thanking him for arranging the erection of
handrail at the station.
Matter of no yellow zig zags outside school – police can contact the
school & suggest incentives to reduce the number of cars transporting
children to school.
Concern raised about speed of traffic in pathway on route to
Community Centre & MUGA.
Forms for volunteers to man speed cameras, in groups of 3 –
Speedwatch will be reinitiated in spring
Hound Point – Dalgety Bay meeting held this week, intention to hold a
joint meeting with Dalgety Bay and NQ Community Council with regard
to the smell from Hound Point. SEPA has been contacted.
Sewage Treatment Plant (next to B981): SF met Damian Walls of SEPA
who indicated the treatment plant is out of date. It is the
responsibility of Scottish Water to upgrade. Agreement for
Community Council to write to the Chief Executive of Fife Council and
Chief Operating Officer at Scottish Water to raise concerns.
The sequence of traffic lights leaving the village appears to have
changed causing delays – Lin Collis to contact Amey to discuss
18. Any other
Next NQCC meeting: 7.30pm Thursday, 13th December 2018, at North
Queensferry Community Centre. Members of the public are very
welcome to attend.

07 November 2019Current Draft Minutes

North Queensferry Community Council

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting on Thursday 14th November 2019

Present:  Iain Mitchell (IM), Gary Bald (GB), Donna Beveridge (DCB), Mari Finlayson (MF), Sheila Foggon (SF), David Shields (DS),

Fife Council (FC) Councillors: David Barratt (DB), Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD), Alice McGarry (AM)

Public:  David Neill (DN). For Paul Hogarth Co. Paul Hogarth (PH) Gordon Muir (GM)

Agenda Reference



1. Apologies

Councillor Dave Coleman (DC), Lin Collis, Bruce Finlayson, Jim George


2. Minutes of Previous Meeting



3. Matters Arising

Significant agenda items. 


4. Police Report

Between the 8th of October and the 11th of November a total of 11 calls were recorded.  2 Crime Files were recorded for the area.  One person has been charged in connection with an assault to injury and vandalism. Enquiries are still on going in relation a motorist failing to stop after a road accident.PC Louis McGuire has now joined PC Richard Duncan for the Ward 6 area.Police request volunteers for community speed watch.  Mari noted residents in Ferryhills Road requested forms to submit application to volunteer


5. Forth Bridge Visitor Centre

Ian Heigh of Network Rail unable to attend – postponed to next year.


6. Signage and Interpretation Strategy

PH explained his work on a comprehensive signage strategy building on existing signage for both sides of the Forth.  Images distributed for review.  High quality entrance signs proposed – at both entries to NQ.  They will be in keeping with the standard of the World Heritage Site and will use the NQCC Crest.  Current thinking is colour will reflect the Forth Bridge. 

The stories for the proposed boards in both North and South Queensferry can be found in the document.

Community Council has an electronic copy of North and South Queensferry Report which is available for all to read.

Forth Bridges forum document exists and was published earlier in 2019

Fife Council actively involved but engagement by officers at local level needs to improve. 

IM will review correspondence received from Forth Bridges Forum and seek opportunity for NQCC to become more involved.

IM requested PH produce printed copies of the Tourism Strategy.

New Tourism Manager to be appointed soon for three year term with remit and funds to implement Signage Strategy and Public Toilets. 

Re new toilets in NQ.  Fife Councillors to determine who in Fife Council has been involved in Forth Bridges Tourism Forum.

Michael Dineen from Transport Scotland attended a meeting on Monday of this week.

Action – discuss with LC whether to continue working with school to design the temporary replacement signage beside the War Memorial in the village.

Edinburgh Council extending the cycle hire scheme to South Queensferry and considering possible drop off / pick up point in NQ.



























7.Brock Street Parking

Northing further to report since Ferry News article


8.Edinburgh Airport Airspace change

CAA response received to confirm Edinburgh Airport will be held to consultation process which is presently with a third party PR consultant.   At this stage objections need to come from Government and politicians.  MF / BF seeing Douglas Chapman MP in next week.  

Next stage could be to go to press, Iain agreed to lead if this is required


9. Albert Hotel

Very promising enquiry received from operators of a nearby hostelry who would like to take on The Albert.  Invite to attend the next NQCC meeting.

Learned current owner is considering change in use to residential.  AM explained that change of use would have to meet strict criteria for consideration and unlikely to be approved.

All agreed The Albert is a valuable community resource we would like to retain and change of use to be resisted.



10. Pilgrim Way Gateway

Proposed site for gateway sign is beside bus shelter.  DS met with Ed Heather Hayes (FCCT) and satisfied the defibrillator signage was not obscured – but all to review and agree.

Discussed co-existence of existing and new display panel for Fife Pilgrim Way Panel at Battery Road. Intention is to reduce street clutter.  Action DS to put PH in touch with Ed Heather Hayes (FCCT).







11. Glass Recycling

Not available vehicle to service the route.  Scottish government  glass deposit return scheme could help the issue


12. Admiralty Market Stone/ Admirals House / Gatehouse / Coastal Path

Two Admiralty Marker Stones are in storage alongside the Beamer Lighthouse.  It is suggested that one stone is displayed at the station – agree with Douglas Speirs and NQHT

Beamer Lighthouse – PH to discuss West Bay location with Community Trust .

Coast Path Diversion around St Margaret’s Headland – PH reported that resistance by Transport Scotland to this and other matters – may be softening.




13. Remembrance Service – report

Successful Remembrance Service – good turnout partly due to involvement of children from our school.  Thanks to Dave Bonas for organising.


14. Abandoned Vehicle at Station

DS has been chasing this matter with Fife Council / Scotrail / Police. Agreed to request assistance from Alex Hynes Managing Director of Scotrail.  (Car has been there since June and taking up a valuable space since June)  


15. Christmas Tree

Ordered, delivery expected 25th Nov

Propose to put lights up on Sat 30th November


16. Fife Councillors’ reports

Report on Inverkeithing High School site – call in requested by DD.  Asking for review of using existing site.

DC has met with Ian Balfour (FC Roads) and repair of sunken setts is in program.  GB has consulted with Sarah Wilson (FC).  DB reports nothing to be done to Main Road for time being but Councillors ultimately make decision.


17.  Community Group Updates

Congratulations on Pierhead Playpark – formally opened in the presence of 2 actors from Molly and Mack

Community Trust – consultation at Village Show raised various small projects to work up and a land purchase proposal.


18. Finance

Cheques written and agreed.  There is an outstanding task to apply for Fife Council Grant for 2019/2020.  Application to be submitted by the end of 2019, a set of examined accounts and copy bank statement as at end March 2019 is required. DCB will progress this.

Still to apply for 2018/2019 Grant – AM checking with Wendy McGregor (FC)







19. Small Grants Scheme

Allocated funds not to be paid – only holding back Youth Club as more information required.


20. Floral Enhancement

No update


21. Planning Applications

Nothing to report


22. Correspondence

Sewage observed leaking from treatment works outfall pipe at East Bay DS has reported to Scottish Water and will follow up.

Poor condition of pavement under bridge following patching by FC.  Suggest this is checked.  Pigeon droppings issue under bridge also raised. DS took this up again with Network Rail – response was they have no obligation to deal with the matter.  Remedy would be a regular cleaning detail by FC


23. Date and place of next meeting

December meeting will be cancelled due to General Election on 12/12.  Next meeting in 09 January 2020


24. Any other competent business

Community Centre – additional parking spaces.  GB reports indicative cost £ 7,500 to £ 10,000 due to restriction on size of machine that can pass under bridges.  Likely to be more.  Discuss how to fund the work.  DS to advise Community Centre Committee.






Next Monthly Meeting:  Thursday 09 January 2020, North Queensferry Community Centre 7.30pm.  Residents of North Queensferry are welcome to attend all Monthly Meetings

Contact email: nqccsecretary@livingwater.org.uk


Dates for next year’s meetings (Second Thursday of month)

Jan 9

Feb 14

Mar 12

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Jul 09

August – no meeting

Sep 10

Oct 08

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Dec 10


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