North Queensferry Community Council (NQCC)

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting: Thursday 8 February 2018


NQCC: Lin Collis - Chair (LC), Christina McKenzie (CM), Jim George (JG), David Shields (DS), Donna Beveridge (DCB), Peter Selbie (PS), Sheila Foggon (SF),

Fife Council (FC) Councillors: Cllr David Barratt (DB), Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD); Cllr Alice McGarry (AM)

Two members of the public.  

   Agenda Reference



1. Apologies

Cllr. Lesley Laird (MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath)

Iain G Mitchell (IGM), Bruce Finlayson (BF), Mary Finlayson (MF)

The Police.


2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Previous minutes, 9.1: ‘toilet at Battery Road may be replaced’. Minutes approved: proposed PS; seconded DS



3. Matters Arising

1. Defibrillator (10.1): Meeting 6 February held with representatives from North Queensferry Heritage Trust (NQHT) and North Queensferry Community Trust (NQCT).  Next meeting will be March (inviting representation from the Community Centre). Four locations for defibrillators are being considered:  One at the station (NQHT) and the marina (NQCT) but funds still required for defibrillators either at the telephone box on Main Road or the bus stop on Battery Road and at the Community Centre. 

Cost of a defibrillator: £1450. It is intended to use one type throughout the village.  Training will be offered, although the machines have good instructions.

2. Muga (10.2) The £500 outstanding for MUGA needs to be paid.

3. Christmas Tree (14) The shop has agreed to supply power for lighting trees at the Brock Street station exit at Christmas.

4. Bridge graffiti (16.5) Network Rail still being chased to remove.

5. The Albert Hotel (16.9). The owner and lease holder of the Albert have been identified. The owner confirmed that the Albert will reopen in the next few weeks and would appreciate support from the village community.






4. Police Report

The written report noted 11 calls

2 crime calls: a collision in Battery Road, the driver didn’t stop; presentation of a counterfeit note at the Queensferry Hotel.


5. Local Community Officer

Susan Dryburgh, the Local Community Officer for this area, gave an overview of the War Memorials project (supported by the War Memorial Trust) which she is working on. The aim is to clean the brass and repoint the stone of War Memorials.  Susan is looking into refreshing the tourist interpretation board adjacent to the War Memorial.


6. Traffic issues

1. Traffic Management Plan: It was suggested that the increased tourism profile of North Queensferry merits a Traffic Impact Assessment, however Fife Council Traffic Management team advise that this would cost £15,000.

Deep Sea World needs a traffic management plan for its expected planning application however NQCC are looking for a plan to cover the whole village and to be available to developers considering village projects.

Parking attendants are now active in the village: two penalty charges have been issued (a car parked on a double lines and one parked on a bus stop).



7. Forth Replacement Crossing Community Forum

1. No Forum meeting since November 2017. Audit Scotland interviewed LC about the new bridge and community opinion.

2. Ferrytoll Park and Ride: discussion noted improvements to the traffic light sequencing and traffic movement.


8. Children’s play park

FC has been asked to consider re-using equipment from Pittencrieff Park. FC councillors suggest Pierhead could be a community funded play park like the successful one in Aberdour.  FC would be the contractor and responsible for maintenance.


9.  Public Toilets

FC waiting for advice on funding.  The time for removing this toilet cannot be extended. These public toilets had low usage in 2017.


10. Trees at Northcliffe

The Tree Management plan was discussed with local residents.

NQCC has been assured that the tree felling was carried out in accordance with the Tree Management Plan and also that the trees along the roadside have been assessed and deemed to be safe.

For subsequent work, the contractor requires access from the community centre field and is concerned about the proximity of the MUGA. DS and JG visiting Northcliffe in due course.








11. Edinburgh Flight Path

No progress/change to date.

DS attended Edinburgh Noise Advisory Board meeting which proposed a small working group to work on technical issues. BF will represent NQCC with back up from DS as necessary. There are 200 Community Councils in the affected area.  The Board is funded by Edinburgh Airport however measures were discussed to ensure independence from the airport. 



12. Fife Councillor’s Report

1. Park hit squad – project suggestions needed. To date:

  • Tidy the rose beds beside the Brock Street station entrance.
  • Repair damaged benches at the railway pier beach. DS checking ownership.

LC emailing councillors with project suggestions.

2 Parking concerns at Carlingnose Point from cars unable to park at the station. No action.





13. Community Group Updates


1. NQHT’s next speaker is former NQCC Secretary Barbara McKechnie 27 February

2. NQCT Railway Pier repairs requires use of Fastcrete.  Environmental compliance requirements are being checked and NQCT still waiting for advice from Historic Scotland.




14.  Planning Applications

One new application: a raised Sedum roof at Shoreland, Main Road.  


15. Treasurer’s report

NQCC agreed to contribute:

  • £200 towards the Ferry News
  • £50 to the Salvation Army for Remembrance Sunday.



16. Floral Enhancement

No plant activity this month.

Floral enhancement grant requires: copies of the accounts to March 2017 and NQCC’s constitution.

FC introducing new application forms. LC investigating.





17. Correspondence



18. Any other competent business

1. Forth Bridges Forum Tourism Group meeting 2 February

  • Tourism Strategy summary near completion to be circulated for comment soon.
  • FC interested in including publicity for a Bridges Circular Walk on the Fife Tourism Website - meeting with FC to take forward.
  • Opening the Queensferry Crossing has resulted in a 40% decrease in trade in South Queensferry, particularly McDonald’s and Tesco Fuel (no longer open over night).
  • South Queensferry’s UNESCO plaque unveiled on 4 March. North Queensferry’s on 18 April (World Heritage Day).

2. West Sands’ street Lights – 3 or 4 not working.  To report such issues use FC website: www.fifedirect.org.uk/streetlighting

3. West Sands, two issues:  parking of unsightly old vehicle; installation of CCTV without neighbourhood consultation or signage. DD investigating both concerns.

4. Rerouting the Coastal Path. Meeting arranged for 13 February with Transport Scotland to look at options/feasibility.

5.  Insurance Renewal: FC will advise NQCC when insurance is due. 

6. Diversion of email correspondence while secretary is away.

7. Beach Clean: Marine Conservation Society currently monitoring Ferrycraigs Beach. ITV filmed a recent beach clean there and this will broadcast at 1930 on 15 February (ITV Tonight).  Beach Cleans are being planned for 27 / 28 April

8. Barnardo’s second fundraiser. Network Rail have announced of another Barnardo’s (up to top of Rail Bridge) fundraiser, possibly 8/9 or 22/23 September.  Barnardo’s suggesting that a portion of the funds could be set aside for a community event.   Action – check date for possible clash with following event.  CM responding to Craig Bowman’s email and confirming that someone from NQCC will attend.

9. The annual South Queensferry to North Queensferry swim takes place on 22 September. NQCC to contact Vigour Events re management of traffic, especially coaches.



































Next NQCC meeting:  7.30pm, Thursday 8 March 2018, North Queensferry Community Centre.  Members of the public are very welcome to attend.





10 May 2018Current Draft Minutes

North Queensferry Community Council (NQCC)

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting: Thursday 10 May 2018


NQCC: - Lin Collis (LC) Vice Chair, Mary Finlayson (MF), Sheila Foggon (SF), Jim George (JG), David Shields (DS),

Fife Council (FC) Councillors: Cllr David Barratt (DB), Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD);

Police:  Jim Bell, Richard Duncan

Member of Public: Maricruz Garcia


   Agenda Reference



1. Apologies

Donna Beveridge (DCB), Bruce Finlayson (BF) – attending Edinburgh Noise Advisory Board for NQCC, Christina McKenzie (CM), Iain Mitchell (IM), Peter Selbie (PS), Cllr Alice McGarry (AM) 

Cllr Lesley Laird (MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath)



2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Approved after DD changed to DB in 4 Police Report.


3. Matters Arising

10. Virgin Broadband: Kevin Hughes is reviewing options for the village and has been invited to report to the next meeting.

18.4 Damaged Slips at Taigh An Rubha: no action or resolution to date.





4. Police Report

1. Eight calls recorded down from nine in the previous period.

2. One Crime File opened in last period.

The incident relates to an intended theft at the Ferrybridge Hotel at about 23.50hrs on the 3 May. An unknown person appears to have entered the kitchen area of the hotel and left after being disturbed by staff. Nothing was stolen.

3. Pierhead issues Kenny Bow responded to a Pierhead resident.  AM arranging a Pierhead meeting, SF suggested a weekend date.  Key people to invite Phil Clarke, Ian Jones, Alastair Mutch, Councillors.

4. Abandoned car at West Sands (untaxed / no MOT) DD established car is on Fife Council Housing land: he is contacting team for its removal.

5. Protest expected at Deep Sea World on 12 May by Empty the Tanks.

6. Vehicles using the Forth Road Bridge:  fines being introduced for illegal use.














5. Traffic Issues

No Report



6. Edinburgh Airport Update

MF reports that Memorandum of Agreement for Edinburgh Noise Advisory Board (EDNAB) is now in place.  Edinburgh Airport has agreed to pay for investigation of noise levels.  EDNAB has requested a meeting with Gordon Robertson, Director of Communication, Edinburgh Airport.  Concerns expressed again about noise levels and night flying. 



7. Village Defibrillators, update

North Queensferry Heritage Trust is near to installing a defibrillator at the station due to successful funding from British Heart Foundation and permission from Network Rail.  The West Bay location may be at the cabin or the workshop – until the new public convenience is in place.  Community Centre (CC) location under discussion by CC Management Committee.   NQCC still to identify a site for the fourth defibrillator at the bottom of the village. SF making funding applications while ensuring all defibrillators are the same model and ambulance compatible.  Meeting David Booth from Linlithgow on 23 May for advice.  DS to investigate electric supply at The Albert / bus stop location.













8.  Fife Councillor’s Reports

1. Mount Hooly and The Brae: residents think the overgrown slope is infested with rats – DB contacting Environmental HealthDiscussed clearing slope replace with single species ‘carpet’. 

2. Bridge Graffiti: Followed up by DB.  Fife Council may do the removal – with Network Rail (NR) oversight.  DS to contact NR.

3. MUGA: DB received complaint about traffic and destruction of green space.

4. River Taxi: DB  proposes that FC develops a strategy to  identify key partners and consider infrastructure upgrades (including piers and toilets) which will be required to facilitate a ‘river taxi’ connecting Kincardine, Culross, Rosyth, North Queensferry, Aberdour and Inchcolm. FC undertaking a study.

5. New Battery Road Toilet: DB trying to secure funding.

6. Recycling Point at Rear of Station: DB reported that NQHT want to improve the appearance of the back of the station.  FC allows one recycling point per 800 houses so NQ has over provision.  Alternative at Deep Sea World is closed at night.  Site visit being arranged to discuss alternatives – DB will argue to keep both facilities.

7. Lighting on Ferry Crossing:  meets relevant standards but is being monitored.

8. Pierhead Playpark:  DD advises that the action group is making good progress. They have been advised to become a sub group of the Community Trust.  Dave Manderson of FC assigned to support.  DD contacting FC Parks Department.


























9. Community Group Updates

1.Community Trust:  Agree to assist with Pierhead Playpark.  The Albert’s future has been discussed and options considered including proposals for a community pub.  A community consultation would be required to show that there would be support from at least 10% of population.  Request must be made to NQCC to begin consultation with the village and provide a note of interest.   Decision deferred to next meeting to allow more councillors to comment, meanwhile LC checking exactly what the Trust requires from NQCC.

2. Rowing club: Good turnout for fundraising wine tasting.







10.  Planning Applications

2.5 Storey extension at Northcliffe.  Renewal of planning consent for 1 Bridge View, DB / DD / JG to check plans.

Extension at 29 Carlingnose Point – Additional Permission had to be sought from Scottish Wildlife Trust as work impinged on the adjacent Site of Special Scientific Interest.


DB / DD / JG

11. Treasurer’s Report

No report.


12.  Floral Enhancement

Advertisement in Ferry News seeking volunteers.  DB suggests working parties.  Tubs are OK – The Brae is main issue. LC has resigned from organising volunteers.



13.  Correspondence


One anonymous letter from a Pierhead resident to FC, Ross Speirs (RS), re use of pier by Calypso Marine.  RS replied to NQCC.  Discussion – parking vehicles and boats gives the impression that the pier is for the sole use of Calypso Marine who need to apply in writing for written permission.  N.B.: elsewhere, fishermen pay harbour dues.  Question raised about physical condition of the pier – that it’s ‘back is broken’.



14.  Any other competent business

1. Public Toilets: Suggestion to provide temporary public toilets.

2. CCTV at Rock House, Main Street – does this take in public areas?

3. Combined Sewer Overflow structure at Railway Pier:  DS advised to check ownership with Fife Region

4. Sewage Works by B981:  Comments on the continued foul smells. DB reported that improvements were in hand.

5. Battery Road Car Park – suggested that this is kept open until sunset.  Agreed more members required to discuss – carried forward.

6. Circular walking route: FC working with South Queensferry and LC to promote a route around the north and south sides of the Forth making use of public transport, cycling and walking. 

7. Snags:  JG advises repair to Battery Road wall still outstanding as well as selected road and manhole repairs.

8. The Brae: new 3T sign for lorries at lower end.

9. B981:  Poor quality join at boundary with Queensferry Crossing project.  More 20 MPH signs required.

10. Ferryhills Road: DD reports resurfacing due this year or the next.

11. A9000 Forth Bridge Approach FCBC slurry pit for road sweeper washings is non compliant and unsafe. DS reporting this to SEPA.
























Next NQCC meeting:  7.30pm, Thursday 14 June 2018, North Queensferry Community Centre.  Members of the public are very welcome to attend.




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