North Queensferry Community Council (NQCC)
Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting: Thursday 8 November 2018
Present: Lin Collis (LC), Jim George (JG), David Shields (DS), Donna Beveridge (DCB), Bruce Finlayson
(BF), Mary Finlayson, Sheila Foggon (SF)
Fife Council (FC) Councillors: Cllr David Barratt (DB), Cllr Dave Coleman (DC), Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD)
Police: PC Jim Bell, PC Richard Duncan Members of Public: Jim West
Description Action
1. Apologies Iain Mitchell (IM), Christina McKenzie (CM), Cllr Alice McGarry (AM)
2. Minutes of
Previous Meeting
Approved with the following adjustments:
5:1 Dome Hawk to be installed at Battery Road Car Park on trial basis,
then moved to Pier Head
6:4 JG to work up a parking layout for large open space area from an
OS plan which Councillor Coleman volunteered to provide.
18 Hound point Terminal – SF will contact Dalgety Bay Council for joint
3. Matters Arising 18: Fife Pilgrim Way - no response from Miranda regarding next
meeting with local representatives – noted talk on 17th November
18: Virgin Broadband – no progress chase Kevin Hughes
4. Police Report 4 calls since last meeting, no crimes reported.
For a trial period, the barrier at Battery Road will be opened and the
car park closure sign will be covered. Fife Council will co-ordinate gate
opening and liaise with resident key holder.
After discussion it was agreed to deploy the Dome Hawk camera at
Pier Head, as this is the priority. This will then move to Battery Road
Car Park.
Jim George will arrange for laminated CCTV sign to be made and put in
place at Battery Road Car Park.
Next Community Drop in at Dobbies on Thursday. Ask Community
Centre to contact PC Richard Duncan re event in NQ
5. Traffic issues Brock Street Parking issues – Fife Council to engage in public
David Shields to send Dave Barratt digital copy of proposed
Community Centre Car Park plan with a view to seeking permission to
paint white lines to improve parking discipline.
6. Vigour Swim
Events licensing update forwarded by Fife Cllr Dave Barrett.
Community Council will review and suggest additional license
IM and DS to raise issues with Vigour Events
7. Edinburgh
Airport Flightpath
Rejected by CAA and Edinburgh Airport will submit new application
within existing airspace.
No response to the Call in Request has been received from the
Secretary of State.
Remaining action is to advise the supporting Community Councils.
8. Albert Hotel No significant update, noted that a premises license has been granted
9. Remembrance
Iain Mitchell will lay the wreath which is with David Shields.
Dave Bonas is organising the Remembrance Service. A second wreath
arrives Friday, to be laid by Royal Marine Reserve Recruit Ben Spong.
10. Fife
Councillors’ Report
DD: Sat Nav – HGV specific Sat Navs should contain information on any
height, weight and length restrictions. Encourage people to contact
vehicle operator if something is out of place. Pavement at Wright’s
now repaired.
DB: The number of recycling points will be formally consulted and
reconfigured by Fife Council. DB will stress NQ needs to retain the
present two locations.
Public toilet – Fife Council continues to seek funding. LC to write to
the press. Draw attention to possibility of restoring public toilets at
Battery Road Bus Stop
No progress on seagull proof bins.
Grit bins – Community Council requested the grit bin on the Brae is
moved from the middle to the bottom of the Brae. Fife Council to
Snagging List (including setts at War Memorial) – suggestion to ask Ian
Balfour to visit the village and review the snagging list. Request with
Cllr Dave Dempsey to progress.
DC spoke about anti-social behaviour, cars and safer communities. He
suggested we try to do something proactive.
11. Community
Group Updates
Pierhead Park playpark project planning application submitted
Website address to be added to minutes – DS contacting David Neill.
Community Centre / MUGA – performing well. Timer being added to
the lights.
North Queensferry Heritage trust – exhibition is open at the Train
Station daily from 10:00 to 4:00pm subject to volunteers, with guided
walks from the station on Sunday’s in November at 10:00am and
2:00pm. Suggestion this could be advertised in the Dunfermline Press.
Community Centre – Suggestion to seek financial contribution to the
proposed white line parking space painting from the Community.
North Queensferry Community Trust – pier repairs now underway.
12. Treasures
report – procedure
Best wishes to Christina who is unwell & in hospital.
to disbursement of
£500 grant
Suggestion to use the Accountant in Dunfermline being used by other
groups in the village. Action – discuss with Iain Mitchell.
£500 disbursement from Fife Council – discussion on how to use the
13. Floral
Floral enhancement grant application has been submitted.
Funding request for the village Christmas tree has been submitted. The
Christmas Tree is ordered and due for delivery & installation at the end
November. The lights will be added first weekend in December.
Suggestion to raise a project to obtain lights for the top of the village,
Wrights has agreed for use of power. MF / DCB to investigate. Formal
request raised for allocation of a portion of the £500 disbursement to
be considered.
Jim West offered 2 set of rope lights available for use, suggestion for
these to go up at the station.
14. Village
Battery Road – Deep Sea World is purchasing directly. The Committee
agreed for SF to purchase the cabinet and invoice Deep Sea World.
An electrician is required to sign off installation of the defibrillator
installation at the bus stop.
An article will be written for the next Ferry News, closing date is Friday
11th January.
15. Planning
None this month
SF has written to Alex Hynes thanking him for arranging the erection of
handrail at the station.
Matter of no yellow zig zags outside school – police can contact the
school & suggest incentives to reduce the number of cars transporting
children to school.
Concern raised about speed of traffic in pathway on route to
Community Centre & MUGA.
Forms for volunteers to man speed cameras, in groups of 3 –
Speedwatch will be reinitiated in spring
Hound Point – Dalgety Bay meeting held this week, intention to hold a
joint meeting with Dalgety Bay and NQ Community Council with regard
to the smell from Hound Point. SEPA has been contacted.
Sewage Treatment Plant (next to B981): SF met Damian Walls of SEPA
who indicated the treatment plant is out of date. It is the
responsibility of Scottish Water to upgrade. Agreement for
Community Council to write to the Chief Executive of Fife Council and
Chief Operating Officer at Scottish Water to raise concerns.
The sequence of traffic lights leaving the village appears to have
changed causing delays – Lin Collis to contact Amey to discuss
18. Any other
Next NQCC meeting: 7.30pm Thursday, 13th December 2018, at North
Queensferry Community Centre. Members of the public are very
welcome to attend.

20 December 2018Current Draft Minutes

North Queensferry Community Council (NQCC)

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting: Thursday 20 December 2018

Present: Iain Mitchell (IGM), Lin Collis (LC), Bruce Finlayson (BF), Mary Finlayson, Sheila Foggon (SF), Jim George (JG),  David Shields (DS)

Fife Council (FC) Councillors: Cllr David Barratt (DB), Cllr Dave Coleman (DC), Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD), Cllr Alice McGarry (AM) 

Fife Coast and Countryside Trust:  Miranda Lorraine

Members of Public:  Jim West (JW) David Neill (DN)

Agenda Reference



1.  Opening Remarks

We paid tribute to Christina McKenzie who did so much for all the  village especially local organisations.  She did it smoothly and effectively – a hard working Treasurer for many years.  It is an enormous shock to find she has left us.  She will be sorely missed.  Our sympathies to friends and family.


2. Apologies

Donna Beveridge, Police:  PC Jim Bell, PC Richard Duncan  


3. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Approved with the following adjustment:

11:  Re Pierhead Playpark DN pointed out that Planning Permission was not required, he had stated that the grant application was approved.



4. Matters Arising



5. Police Report

9 calls since last meeting, (4 last month) 1 crime recorded, no public element, enquiries are ongoing. 


Domehawk camera is now deployed at Pierhead in relation to the ongoing issues.


Large untaxed BMW parked near shop – the shop pursuing the matter.


Community Drop in at Dobbies on Thursday will continue in 2019. 


DS to ask Community Centre to contact PC Richard Duncan re event in NQ











5. Pilgrim Way Signage

Miranda Lorraine (Fife Coast and Countryside Trust) presented the design for the Interpretation panel.  This to be located at the Pierhead, in place of the existing worn panel, along with a cast ‘footstep’ feature.  Design is still in development – will be in the style of an illuminated manuscript.





6. Edinburgh Airport Flightpath Consultation

BF:  Edinburgh Airport’s proposals have been rejected.  CAA has issued a technical document addressing some issues – EDNAB is reviewing.  The recommendations are in line with our objections.  MF:  Proposed responding to CAA (cc. Edinburgh Airport) stating we will work with the airport citing our criteria e.g. accurate noise measurement and proper investigation of operating eastward departures further down the Forth.  MF and IM to draft a letter.

NQ should have a representative on the Edinburgh Airport Consultative Committee as do Cramond, Ratho and Kirkliston.  MF to write to Chair (IGM to revise) to consider a position for NQ










7. Remembrance Service

Went well – Colin Alston did the honours.  Payments to Ferrybridge and Glenrothes Salvation Army still to be made.  Follow up latter with Dave Bonas.



8. Fife Councillors’ Report

DC:  Map for Brock Street has been ordered.


DB:  Recycling consultation – still in progress.  Particular issues with plastic shopping bags.  A list of what can be recycled is on the FC website:




Following up on seagull proof bin.   Annual Harbour Users Group meeting is coming up.  


DD:  Ian Balfour will visit to review the snag list.  JG will attend.  IM suggested identifying places which would benefit from double yellow lines.


AM: Replacement Public Toilet – Fife Council continues to seek funding










9. Community Group Updates


Community Trust: administration changes required as Christina McKenzie was Company Secretary.  AGM is overdue DS to speak with Community Centre to find out when the Centre’s will take place and try and coordinate this with the NQCC’s AGM.  Note sufficient number of members are required.


Heritage Trust:  Exhibition and Radio Station very successful.  BF is now Secretary.  Sam Roger will continue her role with the Village Show.


Pierhead Playpark:  Fife Environment Trust 45K conditional offer is in place, seeking funds from local businesses to cover small shortfall.  Price enquires go out in January. DN instructing contractors to use Battery Road car park for parking to prevent any local disturbance.


Defibrillator:  Delivery to Deep Sea World is imminent along with cabinet.  Once installed SF proposes a picture for the local paper thanking funders.


Community Centre: DS highlighting to the community centre committee the parking issues.  Fife Council owns the surrounding land.  Propose: suitable areas are identified and Fife Council is approached to build and pay for improvements.   JW noted that the access is used as a footpath and should be signed 5 MPH. DB will email Scott Blyth about speed restrictions.

West Bay Users Group: People have been digging for shellfish in the bay.  Agreed LC will suggest to WBUG that signs are put up advising shellfish unsafe to eat, deep mud, SSSI status.





























10. Finance and disbursement of £500 grant




The Community Council operates a cheque book – not online payments. LC contacting the Bank about cheques written since the last AGM.


£500 disbursement from Fife Council – LC to post in Ferry News inviting requests. 


Currently under consideration:



Community Centre Parking – White Lines

Gardener for The Brae

Pierhead Park

Christmas Lights for Station Exit (start a fund).


Review in January along with suggestions. 






11. Floral Enhancement

No progress



15. Planning applications




16. Correspondence



17. Any other competent business

Wider issues such as road damage arising during MUGA construction.  JW and DD will inspect.


Brock Street and school parking discussed.  JW suggested South side of football pitch is cleared and made available for residents to rent.  Consultation will be required on improvements in this area. 


Dalgety Bay has agreed to a joint meeting with ourselves, SEPA and INEOS regarding smells arising from Hound Point.  DB has a meeting organised with SEPA after this we will compare notes and organise joint open meeting.      SF to take forward.


Check if School Transport Plan has been updated.


Admiralty Boundary Stone:  LC established that Fife Council are not currently planning to reinstate this and requested FC councillors help to take this forward.


Battery Road CCTV sign.  Proceed with trial.  DB to seek permission from FC officers.  Noted that Battery Road issues are year round – not to do with tourism.





















Next NQCC meeting:  7.30pm Thursday, 10 January 2019, at North Queensferry Community Centre.  Members of the public are very welcome to attend.





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