12 July 2018
Current Draft Minutes

North Queensferry Community Council (NQCC)

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting: Thursday 12 July 2018


NQCC: Iain Mitchell (IM), Lin Collis (LC), Christina McKenzie (CM), Bruce Finlayson (BF), Mary Finlayson (MF), Sheila Foggon (SF),   Jim George (JG), Peter Selbie (PS), David Shields (DS).

Fife Council (FC) Councillors: Cllr David Barratt (DB), Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD), Cllr Alice McGarry (AM), Susan Dryborough (SD)

Police:  Jim Bell (JB) and Richard Duncan (RD).  Public: David Neill (DN).  Mino Manekshaw (MM)

   Agenda Reference



1. Apologies

Donna Beveridge (DCB), Kevin Hughes, (Virgin Broadband).


2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Proposed JG Approved LC


3. Matters Arising

(3) Rail Bridge Graffiti: has been removed.

(5.1) Abandoned car: still working on this.



3a FC Local Community Plan

Susan Dryborough (FC Local Community Planning Policy Officer) spoke about the Community Plan for Fife which is about public bodies working together and with local communities. It has four themes: opportunities for all, thriving places, inclusive growth and jobs and community led services. Community councils to suggest schemes/projects by the end of August and in September communities will agree priorities. Copies of the papers shown at the meeting to be distributed to all community councillors. 

A copy of the Plan for Fife can be downloaded:



4. Police Report

13 calls (none associated with Battery Road and Pierhead), no crimes reported.

NQ Community Drop-In proposed: possibly during the MUGA opening event 11 August – to be confirmed.

Evidence of illegal drug use in the Battery Road area reported.






5. Traffic Issues

1. Lorry issue in Brock Street: A lorry delivering stone for the MUGA had its path blocked by resident(s) who verbally abused the driver.  The quarry now refusing to deliver (Possible cost implications for MUGA project).  FC speaking to people concerned – currently not a police matter.

2. Local return bus tickets (see previous minutes 5.3) confirmed by the two operators who do not accept each other’s tickets. Changes due in August 2019 will alleviate this issue.

3. Need for signs to Battery Road car park which is currently underused.










6. Edinburgh Airport Flightpath Consultation / Edinburgh Noise Advisory Board (EDNAB)

1. NQCC has submitted a letter (as part of the consultation) setting out its position.  This may form the basis of a complaint to the CAA.

2. NQCC produced leaflets were delivered to all NQ households to encourage residents to respond to the consultation.

3. EDNAB has requested a meeting with the Chief Executive of Edinburgh Airport on 27 July to establish a better working relationship.  BF to attend and possibly IM as NQCC Chair.

4. The validity of the consultation remains questionable. BF has a report verifying technical details and showing noise levels have been underestimated.  Health effects: number of people affected and compensation payments have not been fully taken into account- only conclusions have been given with no workings to back them up.

5. BF/MF/DS met with Annabelle Ewing MSP to request her to investigate the issue. 

6. MF in contact with Douglas Chapman MP re meeting MOD on flight path adjustments and to look at broader context.  

7.  DC Thomson Media (Fife Courier) is reporting heightened awareness of noise and overflying



















7. Transport Scotland Proposals for Forth Bridges Community Representatives Group

North and South Queensferry Community Councils are concerned about the lack of community council representation on the Forth Bridges Forum. Following a letter to the Forum’s chairman, Transport Scotland propose forming a community group to meet six monthly. NQCC do not agree with this: it does not meet the proposals which had been put forward and would continue to marginalise community councils.  IM writing to reject this proposal and to reiterate the request for North and South Queensferry to have full membership on the Forum.





8.  Fife Councillor’s Reports

1.  Battery Road Toilet Replacement.  FC may not be able to find

 £30,000 capital funding for a new toilet with the additional annual cleaning costs £2–5,000. AM approaching Keith Winter (Executive Director of Enterprise and Environment) and Visit Scotland for support. DB suggesting application to Fife Environment Trust for the capital cost.

Discussion featured 1) A short term remedy of paying the Ferrybridge and Rankins for public use however FC have withdrawn this ‘Comfort Scheme’. PS speaking to the Ferrybridge. 2) Possible funding from the new Fife Pilgrim Way? 3) The possibility of Deep Sea World providing a cleaning service.  4) Need for improved signage to the Battery Road carpark and eventually to the public toilet.

2. Railway Station toilet:  Need to take measures to inform the public that the key for these facilities is held in the shop.

3.  Mount Hooly Terrace.  FC owns and intends clearing this bank above the well on the Brae.  AM meeting with John McQueen and the Community Payback team.  DS suggests Living Solutions could be involved and stressed need to liaise with Mount Hooly residents   

4.  Grit Bins: a map noting where grit bins are in the village is on Facebook for final comments. Requests for Brock Street bin to be retained and that FC fills the bins.

5.  River Taxi Service.  DB reported that is now listed on Public Contracts Scotland.



















9. Community Group Updates

DN reported that funding (£50,000) has been raised for Pierhead Playpark. Budget including contingency is £100,000.  Fife Environment Trust may be approached for the balance, with any surplus being used to support improvements to the Community Centre Playpark.   



10.  Treasurer’s Report

No change


11.  Disbursement of BBC payment

Agreed £1,100 received from BBC is committed to Pierhead Playpark.  There may be additional funds from extra filming on 1 August.


12.  Floral Enhancement

Grant form still to be submitted.  New plants to go in Ferryhills boat.  Watering required in all places.



13.  Village Defibrillators, update



1. Permission required from ScotRail for installation at station.

2.  Community Centre has funds to purchase and mount a unit on outside of building.

3. Funding secured from Deep Sea World to install a defibrillator at the Battery Road / Albert Bus Stop.  FC need to agree the method of mounting this to the shelter with Fife Council.  This needs planning permission as in a conservation area- to be applied for

4. Doubletree Hotel to be approached to fund maintenance costs. 









14.  Correspondence

Royal Navy Association’s ‘Battles Over Beacon Lighting Ceremony’ taking place at MoD Caledonia, 11 November. Information circulated to the primary school.


15:  Community Council Elections

NQCC election on 4 October:  Nomination forms and publicity including posters for the notice boards required to encourage more residents to join the community council.  Nominations close 6 September.


16:  Any other competent business

1. Gas from Hound Point: SF remarked on smell of gas in the village – PS contacting the operator.

2.  Pilgrim Way Working Group:  JG is NQCC representative.  Concern about promoting the Pilgrims Way when the village has no proper toilet facilities. 

3.  Sewage Works Smells:   Scottish Water spending £2million on screens but only a ‘small improvement in smells expected’.  DB suggested we keep a watch on Planning Applications also contact Roy Stewart in Protective Services about the smell.

4.  Vigour Swim Event 22 September:  Concerns over traffic management and organisation.  DS writing to advise Vigour to liaise with Police, FC and residents. 

5.  Vegetation at top of steps from Forth Bridge:  JG proposes that Amey clears foliage to improve the view. 

6.  Village snagging: the hole in the Battery Road wall still not repaired – but a contractor has been appointed.  Corroded pole opposite the Albert still outstanding.  Attempted repair to manhole in Battery Road has failed – we propose the cover is reset to road level.  Corroded pole opposite The Albert still outstanding.

















Next NQCC meeting:  7.30pm, Thursday 13 September 2018, North Queensferry Community Centre.  Members of the public are very welcome to attend.


There is NOT a meeting in August.




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