21 May 2017
Current Draft Minutes

North Queensferry Community Council

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting on Thursday 11 May 2017

Members Present:  Iain G Mitchell (IGM), Lin Collis (LC), Christina McKenzie (CM), Jim George (JG), Barbara McKechnie(BM), David Shields (DS), Peter Selbie (PS), Sheila Foggon (SF)

Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD), Cllr Alice McGarry (AM), Cllr David Barratt (DB)

Guest:  Craig Bowman (CB) from Network Rail

Members of the Public:  -

Agenda Reference



1. Apologies

Mary Finlayson (MF)


2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Proposed CM, Seconded SF - Approved


3. Matters Arising

None arising


4. Police Report

Report received and circulated to Members.   Two crimes under investigation for the area. BM will notify SF if deer were involved in recent road traffic incident near Queensferry Hotel.


5. Report from Network Rail on Rail Bridge Developments

CB delivered presentation on the proposed development at South Queensferry (SQ) end of the Forth Bridge.  Presentation previously given to Forth Bridges Forum public meeting and the SQ Community Council. CB demonstrated the continuing interest in a project to allow visitors to view the Forth from the top of the Bridge and how this specific project (www.forthbridgeexperience.com) has been five years in the making.  Network Rail is working with an experienced operator, Urban Adventures (www.urbanadventures.com) to design and plan a leading recreational facility.  Following funding approval, it is hoped to start a 12 week Public Consultation in June 2017 when plans and a 3D tour will be available on a website.  It is hoped that the facility will open in 2020.    CB also reviewed the current status of the earlier planned visitor centre, currently on hold, at the North end of the Bridge.  In addition to source of funding changes, transport issues have not yet been resolved at North Queensferry.  Once there is a viable business operating on the South side, CB believes Network Rail will be in a good position to revisit the project.  In the meantime NQCC should continue to press for refurbishment of the area around the base of the North end of Bridge.  Prior to the Balfour Beatty site, this was a picnic area.  BM to write to Hugh Gillies, Chair of Forth Bridges Forum, Alex Hynes and David Dickson of the Scotrail Alliance re the state of the surround to the Bridge and, raised by CM, the security surrounding the access to the Bridge structures via the recent building of metal staircase to access the maintenance routes of the northern Bridge supports.  CB advised the metal structure could possibly last about 5 years allowing a period of reassessment after the Balfour Beatty contracts finally finish in 2 years.  CM queried if there is still to be Community Payback from this project and CB answered in the affirmative relating to support of Heritage Groups.
























6.  Edinburgh Airport flight path consultation

(brought forward on Agenda)

Before CB left the NQCC meeting, IGM asked if Network Rail had commented on the Flight Path Consultation or intended to do so.  CB answered that he believed there was no issue and any comment was unlikely.    IGM sincerely expressed his and NQCC thanks for Bruce Finlayson’s research and support in forming the NQCC response to the Consultation.  IGM reviewed and referred to the content of the final response letter (available on the NQCC website).  JG queried if planes were already lower but this could be because everyone is now more aware.  IGM asked Fife Councillors present at the meeting for update on other Community Council actions.  DB gave example of Dalgety Bay with CC response and local group response.  IGM queried if Fife Council had made comment.  AM confirmed she had been told there would be but Fife Council could not promote one area of Fife over another so comment would be difficult. DD confirmed if the Councillors can locate the response, then it will be shared with NQCC.  Fife Councillors agreed that a response based on flawed consultation process was best approach.  It was agreed that NQCC must stay updated on the process.



CM advised a project group has been formed with members from Fife Council, Community Centre and the Football Club to liaise with Fife Council on the completion of the MUGA.  JG queried which games would be playable (answer included 5-a-side and hockey) and if curling was feasible in winter months.  CM advised that it was not - the MUGA would be a low maintenance, multi use games centre.  Surface is 2G suitable for most sports and training (not competition football)


8. Beamer Lighthouse

IGM updated the Fife Councillors on the process and progress so far. Now local elections are finished, a public drop in meeting is anticipated.  IGM will contact Alistair Mutch at Fife Council to verify format.  DS advised more visualisations should be available, agreed, to validate decision.  IGM will follow up with Fife Council.




9. Forth Replacement Crossing

Liaison Group: LC advised next meeting 31 May 2017

Celebrations Group:  LC advised meeting on 11 May attended by LC and JG.  No information to be circulated at the moment but plans progressing.


10. Tourism Project Group

LC advised Forth Bridges Area Tourism Strategy and Action Plan will be presented on 2 June 2017.  LC believes this should not just be to the Group but also to Com.Council


11. Cruik’s Quarry Liaison Group

No update


12. Station Steps

SF advised reply from Transport Focus that due to only 4 reported incidents since 2001, no further action is planned.  SF will check for repairs to board already reported.



13.  Community Group Updates

Railway Group:  IGM advised coffee roaster installation and reliable opening hours in progress.

Rowing Club:  DS advised that try out for the sport is open to a wider area not just NQ.


14. Fife councillors’ reports

IGM repeated welcome to 3 Councillors.  AM advised Fife Council working to complete the administration and DD welcomed NQ to Ward 6.


15. Planning Applications

Substation at Battery Road carpark approved so can be completed.  No others need comment.


16. Treasurer’s Report

£933.12 in bank with £757.30 set aside of which £498.98 for Floral Enhancement. Christmas fund is at £159 due to large cost of 2016 tree.  CM requested approval for further £159 to Christmas fund – plan is to build up to provide lights in different village areas. Approved. IGM queried any other costs to be submitted for meeting with SQ.  BM advised she donated £6.45 for registered response to Flight Path Consultation.


17.  Floral Enhancement

DS queried living tree to replace Christmas tree.  CM recommended focus on lights and traditional tree.  IGM advised no action on living tree at the present time.


18. Defibrillator

IGM reviewed options for funding including Rotary and business plan required.  DS advised of J McKenzie advice of Inverkeithing experience.  DS will prepare outline of costs and sources of funding (including contribution from Village Show) for the 3 NQ target locations – Community Centre, West Bay and Station




19.  Correspondence

BM advised all correspondence circulated and/or posted


20. Vacancies for Secretary and Facebook adviser

IGM asked for volunteers and suggestions.  Secretary role has to be resident of village but Facebook/IT ad hoc Member could be elsewhere eg Inverkeithing.  BM agreed to cover June meeting but is unable to carry out role thereafter. 


21. Venue for June Meeting

Members had talked of Ferrybridge and Albert but IGM advised Church Hall is available – donation may be appropriate.  It was agreed to use this location.  IGM will confirm with Session Clerk.




22. Any other competent business

Coastal Path rerouting: IGM and DS will work on response to letter from Transport Scotland to Annabelle Ewing MP re St Margaret’s Marsh and Admiralty House.  Rerouting reasons not believed valid.

Village Snagging List – LC preparing list.  Walk with Ian Jones, John McQueen, AM and DB.   JG advised of sewage overspill at bottom of Helen Lane.  AM advised contacting Ruaridh Macgregor at Scottish Water.  LC requested that smell from Treatment Works on B981 is also notified to Mr Macgregor.  DS queried source of drainage plan for village? Ian Jones?  PS asked that lack of gulley cleaning in Battery Road be included in Snagging List.  JG queried restricted view with chain link fence and overgrown vegetation on steps from Road Bridge to Community Centre and continuing state of bench.  AM advised JG contact Joan Milne at Fife Council for help of Community Payback team.

CM gave thanks to DD for immediate action on bins at Battery Road.  CM had circulated photographs on morning of 11 May and by late afternoon, the litter and mess had been cleared up.














Next Monthly Meeting:  Thursday 8 June 2017,

NB (Change of location due to clash with General Election) Church Hall, Church of Scotland, Ferryhills Road, North Queensferry 7.30pm. 

Residents of North Queensferry are welcome to attend all Monthly Meetings