25 April 2017
Current Draft Minutes

North Queensferry Community Council

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting on Thursday 13 April 2017

Members Present:  Christina McKenzie (CM), Barbara McKechnie(BM), Peter Selbie (PS), Sheila Foggon (SF), Mary Finlayson (MF)

Cllr Mike Shirkie (MS)

Lyn Strachan (LS), Ranger, Fife Coast and Countryside Trust

Members of the Public: D Dempsey (DD), David Barratt (DB), Russell Boyce (RB), Janet Edgar (JE), Mino Manekshaw (MM)

Agenda Reference



1. Apologies

Iain G Mitchell (IGM), Lin Collis (LC), David Shields (DS), Jim George (JG)


2. Minutes of Previous Meeting



3. Matters Arising

None arising


4. Police Report

No report received



Meeting of interested parties with Fife Council on 27 April 2017


15. Edinburgh Airport flight path consultation

(brought forward on Agenda)

Two residents of NQ have contacted the Secretary in the last week to raise concerns re the proposed Flight Path changes for Edinburgh Airport. An invitation was received on 10 April for a Member to attend a round table briefing on the Consultation on 20 April at Holyrood.  MF agreed to attend. MS understands there are increased potential risks, with additional routes added to the second Consultation, of low altitude and collision. MF will contact Louise Gunstensen (LG) of Dalgety Bay.  LG as Town Planner is advising Dalgety Bay Community Council and had contacted BM on 8 April. Information on the Flight Path consultation: www.letsgofurther.com








20. Fife Pilgrim Way Update

(AOCB addition)

IGM had invited a representative from the Fife Coast & Countryside Trust to update the Council on the Fife Pilgrim Way (FPW).  LS advised after two years in preparation, FPW was awarded Heritage Lottery Funding of approx £900k.  The Way will start at Culross or NQ, meet at Dunfermline and will then cross Fife to Glenrothes, Kennoway, Ceres and to St Andrews.  Funding expenditure will focus on improving current paths and interpretation of the Way using appropriate indicators eg insertion of bronze footprints.  CM queried NQ consultation and LS confirmed NQ Heritage Trust has been involved.  James Lawson has been on Steering Committee. A full website will be developed. CM advised article in Ferry News to circulate update within the village.  LS passed her contact details to DD to co-ordinate. NQCC look forward to hearing further updates on progress of the Fife Pilgrim Way.












6. Beamer Lighthouse

Since the March NQCC meeting, Fife Council had distributed a Community Consultation invitation leaflet on the Beamer Lighthouse Re-erection Proposal. Having received the leaflet, which was presumed draft, IGM had circulated his objections to the wording, in particular, the Consultation leaflet still asked for objections only and no mention was made of a wider community consultation invitation.  (The comments made by IGM were not taken on board as it is believed that the leaflet had already been printed and was in the process of being distributed to all households in NQ.)  During the meeting, MS advised Fife Councillors would not normally ignore a Community Council survey without further public consultation.   Extensive general discussion followed on the numerous emails from the previous month and disputing the emphasis on the duration of disruption to Brock Street residents during relocation.  The current consultation ends on 14 April and CM advised she had been notified that there would be no further action until that date passed.    BM to notify the email address on the distributed leaflet by 14 April of NQCC displeasure at the request for objections only. MS suggested that NQCC request from Fife Council that the Community Council have sight of the Transport Scotland logistic plan for the transportation of the parts of the Beamer Lighthouse. 



















7. Forth Replacement Crossing

LC provided notes prior to the meeting on this topic:

(a) Liaison group: No meeting. This group meets quarterly - next meeting due May.

(b) Celebrations group: Meetings postponed due to the delay in completing the new bridge which is now expected in July. The group reconvenes in May.


8. Tourism Project Group and Signage Strategy

LC notes: No meeting or update on the Signage Strategy – see also #13


9. Cruick’s Quarry Liaison Group

LC notes: DS and LC have applied for a Cruik's Quarry Community Mineral Grant for a bench at Port Laing and new planters to replace some of the old tubs. Total cost £1403.73 


10. Station Steps

SF confirmed consulting local architect re building regulations for steps – new regulations only apply to new installations but are not necessary for refurbishment.  Railings on steps, if added, must have two sets for adults and children but current side fence cannot take two rails.  Signage is to be improved for the alternative disabled access. SF now liaising with Robert Samson Snr Manager who is is requesting that handrail and steps are considered as part of ongoing programme from small fund available.


11.  Community Group Updates

HONQ: SF confirmed no April meeting as yet.  MF queried if HONQ were aware of the expanded Edinburgh Airport Flight Path Consultation.  MF will contact HONQ Secretary John Mark Di Ciacca to make aware of meeting on 20 April 2017 and potential risks.




12. Fife councillors’ reports

MS had raised points throughout this, his final meeting at NQ due to imminent boundary changes to Wards.  BM proposed and it was unanimously agreed to give sincere thanks for all MS support and attendance at NQCC meetings.  MS advised of new groundswell of support for Rosyth Waterfront development following rejection by Fife planners.  Re MUGA not involving a specific football pitch, MS advised of the potential for use of Rosyth pitches being upgraded to FA standard and potential for next stages of sports facilities.  SF queried if this information could go in the Ferry News. MS will provide info to NQCC.











13. Meeting with South Queensferry CC on 20 March 2017

LC provided full notes on the meeting and this is posted to the NQCC website.  Volunteers are sought from NQ to work with SQ on a Facebook page for the village.  Points on signage strategy will be discussed at next meeting.  BM will follow up on Forth Bridges Forum World Heritage Group meetings.  MF agreed to resume her attendance at these meetings. 





14. Planning Applications

No update at meeting.  Planning synopsis is now forwarded to Members of the NQCC when released from Fife Council planning server.


16.  Treasurer’s report

Floral grant for 2017/18 was received at end of March – £229 (not £360 requested).  Total Floral amount available is £498. £1261 in bank of which £1085 is set aside.  Christmas tree account is still to pay (from set aside amount for Christmas decorations).


17. Floral Enhancement

LC note:  The Brae has been thoroughly weeded by village volunteers. I will look into a community grant for FE expenditure for the coming year and will report back to the May NQCC meeting.


18. Defibrillator

SF updated that NQ Heritage Trust (NQHT) had presentation from Scottish Ambulance and they recommend this presentation is given to the Community Council.  The NQHT are willing to donate £500 toward cost of the defibrillator and further £500 may be available from Village Show fundraising.  Further support may be available from Rotary Club dependent on supplying a business plan.  MS suggested NQCC contact Joan Milne at Fife Council for format of plan used by Communities for this funding.  It was agreed that there should be two Defibrillators in the village, one at the Community Centre and one in the lower village.  CM advised that the Community Trust had decided (LC’s notes say ‘considering’) installation of a defibrillator at West Bay.  BM will contact Fife Council for the format of business plan and supply to Community Centre for co-ordination of installation of the defibrillator.













19. Correspondence

BM advised all correspondence forwarded/discussed.

SF had been contacted re Artline (www.theartline.co.uk ) using Railway Stations throughout Fife to host Art and heritage information on 29/30 April 2017. Check the website for full details.


20. Any other competent business

MM advised that on reading the South West Planning Committee papers he was firmly against the 30mph limit to be permanently maintained at end of village along the B981 to the traffic lights.  This had been brought to the Community Council attention at the February Monthly Meeting by Transport Scotland when it was determined by a majority not to change the recommendation due to bends, expected increase in visitor numbers by vehicle and foot plus side road entries.

Re item 8 above, DB added that Inverkeithing Community Council had also applied for similar grant from Cruicks Quarry and is awaiting delivery of benches for further along the Coastal Path.



Next Monthly Meeting:  Thursday 11 May 2017, North Queensferry Community Centre 7.30pm.  Residents of North Queensferry are welcome to attend all Monthly Meetings