10 January 2019
Current Draft Minutes

North Queensferry Community Council (NQCC)

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting: Thursday 10th January 2019

Present: Iain Mitchell (IM), Lin Collis (LC), Jim George (JG), Donna Beveridge (DCB),  David Shields (DS), Sheila Foggon (SF), PC Jim Bell (JB)

Fife Council (FC) Councillors: Cllr David Barratt (DB), Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD) Police PC Jim Bell (JB)

Members of Public:  

   Agenda Reference



1. Apologies

Bruce Finlayson (BF), Mary Finlayson (MF), Cllr Dave Coleman (DC), Cllr Alice McGarry (AM)


2. Minutes of Previous Meeting



3. Matters Arising




4. Police Report

10 calls since last meeting, (9 last month) 1 crime recorded – theft of fishing boat and trailer.  Katie Blackwell is new Community Police Sergeant.

The Domehawk camera deployed at Pierhead it is in deterrent mode.  The Police review only if there is an incident so it is important for residents to call.

Action for Fife Council to request Signage warning of deer








5. Edinburgh Airport Flight path Consultation

BF/MF reported that a study commissioned by Edinburgh Airport Noise Advisory Board confirmed the Boards earlier contention that the information supplied to communities on noise was not representative of the actual noise.

The Board will be insisting that any future application is based on actual noise levels and the way aircraft actually fly in and out of Edinburgh.

Now that this work is complete we will draft the letters to other communities and representatives as discussed at December’s meeting.



6. Albert Hotel


No change in status, Hotel remains closed and windows boarded.

Letter to be raised to License Holder via Solicitor enquiring as to intention for Hotel to reopen.



7. Coastal Path

Rubbish has been dumped alongside the path at Cruickness - LC in contact with Fife and Countryside Trust to identify the landowner.


A number of sites have been created with ashes scattered and artificial flowers – LC investigating with Fife Coast and Countryside Trust


St Margaret’s Marsh.  There has been no management meeting for some time, DS to contact and chase for next meeting to be arranged.  NQCC proposes that the marsh is formally opened to the public, (there is an insurance issue as the new bridge works are going on).    Also to pursue diversion of the coastal path off the B981 and around the headland.














8.  Public Convenience in North Queensferry

Article submitted to the press for publication.

Fife Council continue to search for funds.



9. Battery Road Car Park

Emails from resident raising concern about 24 hour opening but amenable to extended opening.  IM to respond and follow up before next Community Council meeting.



10. Smells emitting from Hound Point

Next step is Dalgety Bay Community Council update following the meeting with SEPA.  Sheila Foggon is NQCC representative and will attend.




11. Fife Councillors’ Report


Cllr Dave Dempsey update:

  • Area committee approved transportation works programme for the coming year.In North Queensferry the steep section of Ferryhills Road will be resurfaced.
  • 10am Tuesday 15th - Iain Balfour will meet in Battery Road Car Park to carry out village walk about.
  • Action carried forward to meet with Jim West

Cllr David Barrett update:

  • River Taxi study – first interim report is complete, highlighting North Queensferry as a key location.
  • No firm update on seagull proof bins, Cllr David Barrett continues to progress
  • Fife Council unwilling to install 20 mph repeat signage
  • Crack in the kerb outside the shop will be checked during the walk about
  • Action carried forward for Cllr Dave Coleman to provide Ordnance Survey map of Brock Street




12. Community Group updates

Community Centre.  Contacting Fife Council to establish whether funds are available to improve parking.

Community Trust / West Bay Users Group. Progress is being made with new toilet at West Bay / Marina.

Heritage Trust.  Pilgrim Way group willing to update existing information panel  at Pierhead, but original artwork cannot be found.  Intended to be mounted on rear of the new Pilgrim Way interpretation panel.



13. Finance and disbursement of £500 grant

New cheque book required – IM to request from Bank

Second signatory required for the account – LC agreed to be second signatory.  IM to organise.

LC to provide copy of most recent Bank Statement.


£500 grant – No requests made to date – a repeat call for requests will be in Ferry News.  In the interim decision taken to allocate the cash to marking parking spaces at Community Council as this is of benefit to the entire community.  The Community Centre is to submit application with costings and this is dependent on consensus being made.  Any surplus to be allocated.








14.  Floral Enhancement


Files have been passed to DS.  Extra tub at Pierhead provided by Heritage Trust.  This can be moved to another more appropriate site in the village – suggestion is Inchcolm.


15. Village defibrillators, update 1

Defibrillator and case has arrived, to be erected at the Bus Stop.

SF to arrange training from David Booth at First Responders.

An article will be submitted to Ferry News detailing.



16. Planning applications

1 submitted - 21 Carlingnose Way.


17.  Correspondence

Annabelle Ewing MSP – regarding marine debris at Cults Ness and Limekilns / Forth in general.

Pierhead resident re Pierhead issues - circulated


18. Any other competent business

Fly tipping on Ferryhills Road and on private land at Northcliffe. DS in contact with Railtrack / Broomhall Estate  


Suggestion to buy a star for the Christmas tree ahead of Christmas 2019






Next NQCC meeting:  7.30pm Thursday, 14th February, at North Queensferry Community Centre.  Members of the public are very welcome to attend.





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