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10 January 2019
Current Draft Minutes

North Queensferry Community Council (NQCC)

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting: Thursday 14 March 2019

Present: Iain Mitchell (IM), Lin Collis (LC), Jim George (JG), David Shields (DS),

Fife Council (FC) Councillors: Cllr David Barratt (DB), Cllr Dave Coleman (DC), Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD) Cllr Alice McGarry (AM) Police PC Jim Bell (JB) PC Richard Duncan.

Public:  David Neill (DN) Peter Selbie (PS).  Vigour Events: Jim Finlay (JF), Richard Hamilton (RH)


Agenda Reference


Act ion


1. Apologies

Donna Beveridge (DCB),  Sheila Foggon (SF), Bruce Finlayson (BF), Mary Finlayson (MF)



2. Minutes of previous meeting

Approved LC Seconded JG



3. Matters arising

SF – No news about deer.  DB – Seagull proof bins – on trial in Kirkcaldy.  LC contacted National Wildlife Crime Unit about shell pickers in West Bay. DS still contacting FC Coast and Countryside Trust about next management meeting.






4. Police report

11 calls recorded (4 in last period).  1 crime recorded – vandalism at school.  LC working with Gala for a police drop in event at the Gala on 15 June. 





5. Pierhead

Nothing reported.  PS observed an offensive motorcycle. 



6.  Vigour swim event 



NQCC expressed concern at absence of traffic management, lack of toilet provision and people changing in public. RH apologised for previous disruption, main issue was with timing of buses to collect swimmers.  2019 event being capped at 200 swimmers.  AM arranging meeting between Vigour Events and FC Transport to discuss arrangements.  Also discussed feasibility of shuttle buses to / from the Ferrytoll overflow car park.  RH to look at feasibility of swimmers arriving at the Railway Pier – LC to check with West Bay Users Group.










7. Road repair at War Memorial

DD reported 1.5 week closure required for proper repair of setts. DB suggested overbridging the work.  JG proposed tarmac – less cost – quicker.  DC – suggests raised tarmac with a non-slip coating.  AM stressed need to retain setts in the conservation area and to consider aesthetics at the World Heritage Site.  Consensus – gather more information on the options.








8. Orientation boards

Forth Bridges Forum proposing to renew the existing boards but this is some time away. LC approaching school and local printers to produce interim laminated boards at the War Memorial. 





9. Edinburgh Airport Flight Path Consultation

MF reports ongoing discussion with Edinburgh Noise Advisory Board, BF attending meeting with this Board next week.



10.  Community Centre parking

JG reports that FC’s costing was for 10 rather than 12 spaces.  Determined that Community Centre request an extension to its lease to include the car parking area and obtain a more realistic costing for the work.  AM indicated that in principle there would be no objection to extending the lease and that top up funding for the work may be available from FC.  Action DS to propose this to Community Centre Management Committee









11. Albert Hotel

IM has contacted licencing agent – no reply to date. 



12. Rosyth Community Council (RCC) requests re. Rosyth Waterfront

RCC re requesting NQCC support for residential / commercial mixed use for Rosyth Waterfront.  AM explained that this is Scarborough Muir’s preference but that the site is of national importance and is to be mainly industrial use – and all year strawberry growing.  Also hotel and leisure development at the Ferrytoll end.  IM proposed that we review the masterplan:  https://www.fifedirect.org.uk/publications/index.cfm?fuseaction=publication.pop&pubid=8BC0C8CA-A172-C4E5-5671F93D83E3578F










13. Fife Councillors’ reports



DB – Maintenance of West Sands planting thought to be by NQHT but DS maintains this was by FC Coast and Countryside Trust. 

DD – No change to mobile library service. 

Environmental Hit Squad told to concentrate on areas of deprivation – but could consider passage to South of Brock Street. 

Memorial Proliferation – very sensitive issue - contacting FC Coast and Countryside Trust. 



14. Community Group updates

Community Trust and Community Centre AGM are 21 March

Community Trust still to complete pier wall repair; progress work on new toilets; looking at storage/work units in area to right of entrance; Dog warden contacted about dog fouling at West Bay.

Gala Day:  15 June

Village Show:  7 September

Pierhead Playpark:  DN reports procurement process under way to select contractor (allow 6 weeks). After which a 6 weeks installation. Will try and aim for Gala Day.  

Website:  http://www.pierheadplayparkproject.org.uk/Index.asp?MainID=26662





15. Finance


Appointment of Treasurer:  DCB nominated by IM.  Seconded by LC. 

Banking Arrangements: incomplete - waiting for the bank which has DCB’s address.

External hard drive: purchased and with DCB for recording all NQCC financial matters.

Data Protection:  IM advised that for current tasks we do not need a procedure because covered by other areas.

Insurance:  DCB tasked to check renewal










16. Small Grants Scheme

All applications need full details of costings and suppliers as this is public money.

Suggestion that the Heritage Society might be interested in this fund for two new Village Show Banners.



17. Floral Enhancement

Work scheduled for The Brae.  AM has requested funds for the slope above the well to be landscaped.



18. Planning Applications

No applications.



19. Facebook page

DCB managing the Facebook page



20. Pigeon droppings and Bridge lighting. 

No progress – DS will take this up with Network Rail.

No short term plans to improve lighting on Forth Bridge – new lighting expected in next three years. 

Question arising re water draining off the bridge – how does this work?



21. Defibrillators

Battery Road Bus Stop – electrical issue being resolved. 

Community Trust –defibrillator about to be ordered for West Bay installation.



22. Correspondence

Main Street Parking.  ‘Arbitrary abandonment’ of vehicles on Main Street by tourists reported.  IM pointed out that no has a right to park on the street – it is just done.  As soon as street is marked with lines – regulations apply.  Avoid if at all possible. 

St Margaret’s Marsh SSSI Denotification by SNH because part of the area has been used for new B981 road.



23. Any other competent business

Backup:  Confirm everything is backed up to DCB

Pierhead Playpark:  DN pointed out that £1,000 has been transferred from NQCC to Community Trust from the BBC filming – where as it should have been £ 1,100. Agreed an additional £ 100 to be transferred.

Public Toilets:  JG stated no progress – perhaps after April. AM said running costs for public toilet would be about £4,000 pa.







Next NQCC meeting: 7.30pm Thursday, 11 April,

at North Queensferry Community Centre


Members of the public are very welcome to attend.






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