21 September 2018
Current Draft Minutes

North Queensferry Community Council (NQCC)

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting: Thursday 13 September 2018


NQCC: Lin Collis (LC), Christina McKenzie (CM), Donna Beveridge (DCB), Bruce Finlayson (BF), Mary Finlayson (MF), Peter Selbie (PS), David Shields (DS),

Fife Council (FC) Councillors: Cllr David Barratt (DB), Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD)

Police:  Richard Duncan (RD). 

Public: Mari Cruz Garcia (MCG) Alastair Ritchie (AR), Barbara Ritchie (BR)

   Agenda Reference



1. Apologies

Sheila Foggon (SF),   Jim George (JG), Iain Mitchell (IM), Jim Bell (JB), Cllr Alice McGarry, Cllr Dave Coleman, Kevin Hughes, (Virgin Broadband).


2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Unanimously agreed


3. Matters Arising

(Previous meeting)

3:  FC may be able to fund new Battery Road toilet.

9:  Public funds can only be used for the Pierhead playpark.  Any surplus funds raised by the community for this project can be used to improve Community Centre playpark.



4. Police Report

24 calls since 08.08.18.

Two crimes recorded: an assault in Doubletree Hilton and Wright’s shop was broken into.

Community Speed Watch volunteers still being sought. Speeding on Battery Road as well as Main Road continues to be a problem.

Monthly community pop-in at Dobbies (Dalgety Bay) on 21.09.18 11am – 1pm. The police are looking to arrange a similar consultation in North Queensferry in the near future.

Trauma Teddies can be dropped off at Dalgety Bay or Dunfermline Police Station https://www.children1st.org.uk/what-we-do/news/bear-withthe-trauma-teddy-knitting-pattern-is-here/.

Links to public consultations available on website http://www.nqcc.co.uk



5. Traffic Issues

1 Vehicle speeding on Ferryhills Road. Residents consider that this getting worse and have volunteered to assist with community speed watch. Suggestion: change the 60mph speed limit on Ferryhills Road outside the village boundary so that it will be easier to reduce speed to 20 mph.

2. Need to improve Sat. Nav. information to show road height and width restrictions in and around the village.  Action: Cllr. Dempsey finding out the process followed for a similar issue in Dalgety Bay.

3. Dipping cobbles in Main Road. FC still considering repairs.  Cllr. Dempsey chasing up.

4. NQCC to consider holding a public meeting with representatives from FC to look at all the village traffic issues.
















6. Edinburgh Airport Flightpath Consultation / Edinburgh Noise Advisory Board (EDNAB)

NQCC call in to Secretary of State for Transport, legal procedure.

This has been submitted and acknowledged. Seven neighbouring Community Councils have given their support to this call.

Next step – write to Roseanne Cunningham, Scottish Government Secretary for the Environment.

Edinburgh Airport and the Civil Aviation Authority were offered the opportunity to review the technical information, but refused. The basic problem is that studies for Edinburgh have been based on data used for Gatwick despite Edinburgh’s local requirements being very different.  In addition incorrect data has been used.

Village residents can help by

For more information please go to:

  • Edinburgh Noise Advisory Board website http://www.eanab.org.uk/
  • NQCC website where there will be a summary of the airport situation.

























7. Transport Scotland Proposals for Forth Bridges Community Representatives Group

At the Forth Bridges Forum meeting (28.08.18) members failed to reach an agreement about community council representation on the Forum: so the matter of community council representation still remains under consideration.


8.  Fife Councillor’s Reports


1. Mount Hooly Terrace: meeting went ahead, risk assessment carried out and FC agree to clear the area when conditions permit.

2. Grit bins: requests to retain two grit bins on B981 have been declined.  FC will replace broken bins and fill any empty bins.  The public can report any bin issues at https://www.fifedirect.org.uk/lagan/roadfault/

3. River taxi service: tender is complete, selection underway and meeting to be scheduled.  Hopefully this service will build a case for Town Pier repairs. 

4. Replacement Battery Road toilet: exploring new sources of funding.

5. Participatory budgeting: £500 will be given to NQCC to distribute to causes in the village.


6. The new Ward Councillor is Dave Coleman.  

7. Abandoned car – revisited.  DD chasing up DVLA. Suggestion made that the car has been removed.

8. Village Christmas Tree: funding application needed.


NQCC requests to councillors

9. Area around St James Chapel: request for FC to tidy up.  DB speaking to FC.

10. Bins at Battery Road require replacing with ones which are seagull proof. DD investigating

























9. St Margaret’s Marsh

NQCC contacted Fife Access Officer about a member of the public being stopped from walking at the Marsh. Established that the Marsh is technically still a building site: the ongoing work insurance for the area does not cover the public.  An access path will open soon.

The proposal to divert the Coastal Path round the headland is still under consideration by Fife Coast and Countryside Trust and NQCC.
Proposal package required for all parties concerned including Transport Scotland and SUSTRANS.









10. Community Group Updates

1. MUGA and Village Show: very successful opening of the MUGA combined with the Village Show.

2. North Queensferry Heritage Trust: preparing for a World War One exhibition. Key date is 21.11.18 when an event at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre will be linked by radio to the Light Tower at the Town Pier to commemorate the surrender of German fleet exactly one hundred years ago when more than 200 ships were in the Forth.

3. Doors Open Day: Sunday 16 September – St James Chapel will be open.

4. Station toilet: Thanks to NQHT members in particular Alex Wright and Keith Belford for support in opening, closing and maintaining the toilet.



11.  Treasurer’s Report

At the end of the financial year (31 March) NQCC held £697.98 of which £585.18 are set aside for specific projects.  Funds held to date are £597.24 with £464.71 are set aside for specific projects.


12.  Community Council Facebook Page

DB being asked to review.



13.  Floral Enhancement

DS submitting funding application.

Arrange working party on the Brae.



14.  Village Defibrillators, update

1. Community Trust has applied for Planning Permission for a defibrilator at the marina.

2. NQCC has applied for Planning Permission for a defibrillator at Battery Road bus stop which Deep Sea World is funding.

3. The Station defibrillator is now in place, full instructions are on the case. 

4. Training courses for up to 25 people are being arranged - date to be confirmed.






15.  Correspondence

One item re access to St Margaret’s Marsh (see 9).


16:  Community Council Elections / AGM

Members now nominated.  This September meeting is the last of the present NQCC. The new council will be formed at the AGM prior to NQCC October meeting. Public notices to be put in place. PS has resigned from NQCC. He was thanked for his useful contributions to the work of the Council.





17:  Any other competent business

1. Vigour Swim Event, 22 September at 2pm:  Concerns over traffic management and organisation. NQCC letter to Vigour waiting for response.  Action – FC determining that the appropriate application was submitted, the appropriate Health and Safety considerations are in place and whether a traffic officer can attend.

2. FC Local Community Plan is in place.

3. Need for a bus service to Rosyth: a member of the public raised this issue. DB investigating.

4. Littering on Ferryhills Road: continuing concerns expressed.

5. Forth Bridges Tourism strategy: this has been sent to NQCC for information. Still in draft – waiting for Forth Bridges Forum approval. Minutes of meeting on 23.08.18 to be circulated.

6. World Heritage Management Committee: last meeting held on 14.08.18. Minutes to be circulated.
















Next NQCC meeting:  7.30pm, Thursday 11 October 2018, North Queensferry Community Centre. 

Members of the public are very welcome to attend.

The Annual General Meeting of NQCC will be held at the beginning of this meeting.



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